Saturday, March 28, 2009

happy Weekend.

I finished a strappy bag...I should have taken a picture of the inside. Note to self: take a photo of the inside next time!
And in other news, I found the Geico Gecko. He's been on a mission, looking for someone special in his life. Poor thing, I found him one afternoon, literally on my screen door. I invited him in, but he said "No, I'm looking for me mum." And off he ran, but not before I was able to snap a photo of the ever-elusive lizard. Geico is desperate to find him... have you seen their new lame spokesperson? A wad of cash with eyes? Don't worry, Gecko. I'll never turn you over to Geico!


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Love the purse!....and the gecco. One time, when we were in Haiti, a tiny gecco (1" long) was in our room. It was so cute that we decided he could sleep over......but, in the middle of the night he started calling his Mum....LOUDLY! Who knew such a timy creature could be so noisy!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

The bag is so cute!!

What a cool gecco! Did you read my lizard story on the blog?? I think it was your guys cousin.

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