Sunday, March 8, 2009


Our sweet doggie, sitting in the side the dirt...two days following her bath. Oh well.
Pssst, B.B! What'cha doing, girl? Gotta dirty up a bit? Dirty girl!

Ah, yes! Here's the winning pose. Contortionist extraordinaire! Isn't she the lady?!


Donna said... the last picture, would totally be like my little lady. Her favorite possition is on her back, legs spread eagle under the fan or in the sun. She falls asleep all the time like that! In the summer, I have to put sunblock on her tummy so she wont get sunburned. Maybe Lady was not a good choice for her name...

JR said...

Is that Murphy's law or something?....that dog's have to play in the dirt right after they get a bath? Lady will go to the one spot in the backyard where there isn't any grass and lay there. She drives me crazy sometimes, but I love her. :)

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