Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Dancing Allowed!

Meet my Great-grandmother and Great-grandfather Mesmer.  Or as Grandma Moran called them, "Ma" and "Pa."  They owned a tavern and if I'm not mistaken, this is their 50th Wedding Anniversary, which is being celebrated in the back room of the tavern. 

Great-grandma was a hard-working little dynamo, tending bar and running the day-to-day operations of their little saloon.  It was complete with spittoons.  Ewww...who cleaned those out?

Dad has some great stories about the tavern, how his grandmother would take a little nap in her rocking chair, while patrons served themselves and left their drink money on the bar. 

Notice the wine chalice at each table setting, then take a look at the sign posted on the wall above the Bonds Poster..."No Dancing."  That cracks me up!  And the backdrop of the photograph was the Ladies Room door.  Hey, that's how my family rolls...apparently always has and always will!

Our Dad looks a lot like his Grandfather...

I sure wish that tavern was still standing...I'd convince Jason to move back to Grand Island and reclaim the family legacy:  Tavern Owners

I'd step right into my Great-grandmother's sensible shoes and restore the tavern to its former glory...Jason and I would take turns napping in the rocking chair, because  I don't trust people to self-serve, leaving their drink money on the bar.  Those days are just gone forever!

The next thing I'd do would be to remove that "No Dancing" sign and replace it with, "No Pants Below Your Crack" sign!

I've been told that "Crack Kills."  Dancing, not so much!

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Thomas Fleming said...

Patti, this is delightful! Don't you wish we could go back and visit our great-grandparents, and the place they called "home" (it must have killed Dad when it came down)? I wonder what ever happened to that war bonds poster? It would be priceless today--not to mention the "No Dancing" sign!

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