Thursday, October 29, 2009

dash away!

Finished! The dear deer was just too dear...I had to share him with you. I trimmed just above the deer's head with pom-poms, then found the merry plaid fabric to complete the purse. If I don't sell it before, I'll be carrying it to mass this Christmas Eve...but let's hope it gets sold.

Tonight, I'm heading to Curves for a fun-filled evening. No, I'm not exercising. I'm setting up and selling my wearable wares. Let's hope I sell some stuff...I can then buy more fabric to make more stuff with! It's a vicious cycle! of my aprons.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

and the beat goes on...

Apron #1: sexy, sassy
Apron #2: cute, cheeky

Not to mention those dress forms: they're FABULOUS...I'd love to get my hands on those beauties.

I didn't make these aprons (wish, desire, covet), they're the add-ons to my current apron craze. You can find a whole slew of expensive, I mean, adorable aprons at Anthropologie. On the cutting table: two more hostess aprons (waiting for photos) and two full aprons, waiting to be sewn up. Photos tomorrow, if the sunshine cooperates.

And what did you do today?

Monday, October 26, 2009

gettin' tanked!

This is a fuel tank and MacGyver's foot. He wrestled the tank to the ground, fully loaded. The tank was loaded, not MacGyver.

Here "we" are, removing the doo-hickey and getting ready to replace it with the thing-a-majig. Look at those hands...God gave those hands a lot of strength and knowledge.

MacGyver doesn't go anywhere or attempt any job without his arsenal of tools and wires. It just wouldn't be right!

This is the back of the truck in question. It belongs to our son, who had to go to work, leaving his dad to drop the fuel tank, remove the parts in question, replace with new parts and hoist that #$%@! back up into place and strap it back in, all by himself. I stood in as MacGyver's beautiful, yet clueless assistant, chattering his ear off and handing him the whatchacallit. My hand even got a little grease on it...

I had to leave this behind at my sewing machine. It's yet another apron.

But I tell ya, I wouldn't have traded my time spent sprawled out on the driveway, half under the truck with MacGyver. It was a perfect day! And yes, the truck is up and running...don't ever doubt MacGyver!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Little children disappear from the bosoms of their family. A young woman vanishes outside a concert hall. A Roman Catholic priest is viciously murdered. Devestated parents. Hearts ache. Citizens mourn. Communities cry.

In our despair, we cry out to Heaven and we know we are heard. In the midst of darkness, we feel the warmth of the Light. We turn to it, we cling, knowing it is our salvation, our hope. Because without that faith, we rot in evil.

"Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, May all their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. In Jesus' name, Amen."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

coffee, tea and...this!

As I stated yesterday, I'm currently fascinated with aprons. This is my answer to the flouncy apron pattern I've fallen in love with in my new apron book. And look! I forgot to add the pocket. Crikey, how did I forget to do that?! See, it's a good think I posted this, or I may have left off that darling pocket altogether! Note to self: add pocket!

What are you doing this weekend? My boys are going to watch the fights tonight at Sneaker's sports bar. I think I'll cozy up to my sewing machine and create!

Friday, October 23, 2009

coffee, tea and aren't these divine?

prons! My newest, latest, greatest obsession. I have a lot of those, don't I?

I found this book and though I already know how to make several of the featured patterns, there were a few that beckoned to me, called my name, taunted me.

Like this little number. Oh, it's so sexy! I believe there's a sheer overlay and that just piqued my curiosity. I get piqued on a lot. Don't pity me!

And this darling number, it's to die for! It has the most adorable flounce and ruffle, though it requires a good deal of binding. You know, binding and I are not great friends. We barely tolerate each other. It's because binding is independent and just doesn't know it's place!

Isn't this a demure little number? It 's beautiful. (I don't know why my photos didn't upload large, but I wasn't about to go back and start the whole process over. I'm lazy that way.) Just take my word that this is simply a beautiful pattern. The mustard fabric is silk...just what I choose to wear in preparing the evening dinner! I think the apron should be used as evening wear; don your stockings and heels and wear it as a skirt! I'm not sure what you'd do about the opening in the back, but these days, is that really an issue?

I'm hoping to take some photos of the aprons I've been making...but if they're bombs, you won't find any evidence of it here at It's A Wonderful..., because I'd have to rename the blog, "It's An Abomination..."

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

4th quarter finish.

No, it's not too early for Christmas! I am doing you a favor, gently reminding you that the season of Jolly, Peace and Noel is right around the corner. And what better reminder than two happy photos?

That snowman is heading somewhere, he's sitting in his suitcase! Snowmen are minimalists, they don't need a lot when they travel. Just a scarf, hat, mittens, boots and candy canes. I think I'd trade the candy canes for Kahlua, but hey, let's embrace our differences!

And here is a gaggle, a peck, a pride, a school of candy canes. Mmmmm, they're perfect!

Yesterday, I made my pilgrimage to the Olde Green Cupboard...if you live in Jacksonville, you really must go visit. The Ladies of the Cupboard are busy decorating the store, getting ready for Christmas. Entering the store is like walking into a vintage photograph, with beautiful and whimsical Christmas decorations greeting you at every turn. They have the best ornaments, lovely scented stuff, antique furniture pieces, tons (literally) of gorgeous fabrics...cookies, coffee, music and lots of laughter. Especially lots of laughter.

*Sigh* I love Gloria and her girls. They're sooooooo much fun! The OGC is like a brothel of all things wholesome and good. I aint lying.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ticket to ride.

There's a new ride in these parts. A ride that encourages drinking and driving, so who can resist?

That alone makes you want to go out and cut the grass! Hey, save some for me!

*FYI...those aren't my legs and feet! I have much cuter shoes...

Friday, October 16, 2009

soup du jour.

Those sisters are at it again! Today, they're offering this free downloadable design right here. There's nothing to it, just go and get it! Mindy, Randi, Donna, Trudy, Sandra...I think you girls would all love this design, so git, while the gittin' is good!

There was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked six pence
Against a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat
Who caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together
in a crooked little house.

On another note, my dear husband wrecked his back about two weeks ago. He's been walking all crooked and contorted-like. Think of the letter "S." That's what he looked like. You see, not only is he mechanically gifted, but he also thinks he's Superman. I won't bore you with the details, but he's doing much better, since he had a steroid-filled needle rammed into his spine. If I wake up one morning and he's green and all buff, I can't promise that I'll snap off a picture for you, but I'll try as I'm heading out the front door...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

vintage memories.

I found this adorable blog & web site this's really just too adorable! If one were say, over the age of 45, one might remember graphics like these in the primary readers children used in school. Not that you should assume I'm over 45...that'd be ridiculous of you!

Look at this tough cowboy...those were the days little boys could play with toy guns. And little girls could, too. I know of a little girl who packed heat in her holster, with two pearl-handled toy pistols. Not that you should assume that I'm old enough to have been allowed to play with such toys. An era when little girls were encouraged to hone their God-given instincts, such as being the nurturer of a family and do sweet domestic chores, like baking pies. Prior to the days of buying your pie crusts already made and ready at the grocery store. I wasn't around during the Jurassic era, pie crusts have always been bought!

Now, this little web site is full of vintage charm. It has vintage toys, vintage books, even vintage party favors like my favorite vintage game, pin the tail on the donkey.'s the same game I saw in my house as a child, but it must have belonged to one of my older brothers...I'm not old enough to have actually used it at one of my parties...but don't tell them I said that...

Go and visit this site and enter to win a $25 gift card. Take a joy ride back in time...and please, go visit the play kitchen section. I want that kitchen cupboard and Wolverine refrigerator.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kitchen Commando!

I'm in an apron-making frenzy. I came across this fabric in my "generous" stash, and decided to try making some aprons to sell at market here in town. There's a large military presence in Jacksonville, so I thought that perhaps this apron might be fun. I gathered black tulle at the waistband and placed a modest ruffle at the hemline. This was the first apron, but I have several other ideas in mind for this fabric. Maybe some pom-pom fringe? Yes! I love that stuff!

Next up: a cute, cute pocket apron, I can't wait to finish it! It's a pretty wild fabric, but then again, I'm a wild, wild woman!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

he came home with flowers.

Totally unexpected, wonderfully beautiful.
Happy Anniversary, Jason!
You are a blessing.
Thank you, God.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm all stitched up.

Meet my new friends, Twin Stitchers. They're twin sisters and best friends. I am completely obsessed with their designs, the simplicity and yet, utter genius and creativity of their work. Come, let's look at a few samples:
Yes, I can do that! Do what, you ask? I think I could stitch that and gobble 'til I wobble! I definitely can do the gobbling! This design, as well as several others, are offered as E-patterns, downloadable right into your trusty computer. Convenient and instant gratification, no waiting for the USPS!

Get a load of this charmer, Our Family Tree. That would make a great gift...countless gifts, in fact. You could stitch one for different branches of the family...get it? Different in, family tree. What did you just call me? Never mind.

My heart beats faster at the cuteness of this Sand Box Family. Once all the stitching is complete, you go back and color inside the stitching lines. Yes, I said "color" as in crayons. Yeah, I know, pretty darn stinkin' cute!

Head over to meet my new Twin Stitcher friends and take a look around. If you're into any kind of stitching craftery whatsoever, look out! Cute designs, prices that cost less than a hamburger with charm galore, you'll be back here swooning with me and congratulating me on my Nobel Peace Prize.

Now if I could only decide between the Gobble 'til You Wobble or the Happy Camper design...which do you think I should get?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize.

I'd like to interrupt this cute reindeer blog post to inform the blogging world that I have been named the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

I don't know why I was awarded this distinction. Perhaps I won for vacuuming the 1-foot dust from my blinds. Maybe it's because I drove my dad to his physical therapy session today. Or for baking my family a great frozen pizza for dinner.

I do so many noble deeds everyday, I'm sure I deserve this honorable distinction. But you know, having a child in the house brings me back to earth, he keeps it "real" for me. He said to me, "Mom, I realize you won the Nobel Peace Prize, but it is a three-day weekend and you promised that I could have a mind-blowing party for my high school friends this weekend." Kids, they just keep you grounded.

I promise you this prize won't go to my head.
Jason, bring the car around for me! I have interviews scheduled with the Island Dispatch!

signs of Christmas.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
And so begins my holiday sewing.

I love Christmas!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


If you're looking for some Halloween printables, check out this charming blog, Babalisme. She has some really cute downloads, free! Free, free, free...just for you! Look around, there are lots of creative projects for you to tackle...the holidays are upon us!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

shower power!


A few years back, my family and I decided to attend a different church in our diocese, one that was closer to home. One in which we could tear through the deserted streets early on Sunday mornings to beat the 8 AM church bell.

We were blessed to have fallen in love with Assumption Parish, a beautiful traditional church that is reminiscent of the church I grew up in, during the Renaissance (I held the paint palette for Michelangelo. A sloppy painter, by the way, until I whipped him into shape and told him to get his act together!).

For several years my guys and I just sat in the pew, taking a break from the very active parish we had come from. We weren't about to get caught up in a whirlwind of activity in this church.

Right. Jason took the plunge first, and joined the men's Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP). After his weekend retreat, he seemingly found such peace in his relationship with Jesus. I, on the other hand, was firmly planting my heels into the asphalt of the church parking lot, denying my need to attend this boring weekend. But as often happens, I felt a nudge in my heart, prompting me to change my mind and not to be outdone by my convert-husband. I signed up for the upcoming women's weekend and found love, peace and renewal.

I am so glad I disengaged my heels from the asphalt and took the leap into the world of CRHP. Had I not, I would never have been at this gathering last night...

Meet Maureen. I stalked her on our CRHP weekend, staring her down, examining her face and wondering where I had seen her before! And let me tell you, she has the most beautiful eyes and smile I have ever seen. She lights up the room when she laughs. See her belly? Maureen is the guest of honor... her baby shower! Yay, a party! Look at all the delicious food the girls brought. And the balloons were outrageous and fun! Lisa and Joanne did the bulk of the decorating and boy, was I relieved! 'Cause it would have looked like a redneck trailer park party had I decorated.

Did I mention that I'm Catholic? I guess by the bottles of wine, you would have guessed that. Catholic girls know how to party...not that much of that wine was consumed, mind you. But it's always nice know that it's there. PARTY!!!

And here is our dear Juanita. She's our girl Friday, the gal who does it all. Really. She has the ability to anticipate the next move hours before that next move is set to take place and then she pounces! I just stand there, like the Comcast turtles. Juanita is on it, man!

This is what you'd call a gaggle of giggling girls. Yup. There are a lot more around somewhere...hello girls, where are you?

Then there are these three...trouble. With a capital "T" that rhymes with...never mind (name that musical). Oh, I have my eye on them. They're always laughing, joking around, being mischievous...pssst....*two of them are teachers! When there's an undercurrent of static, it's these three, giggling, laughing, whispering. Hey, I want to join...

Gifts! That's what we came here for! Gifts! We had no clue, no inkling as to what we should buy. We were lost. Maureen had the audacity not to find out the sex of her baby! I'm all for being surprised at the moment of birth. Afterall, when I was pregnant I didn't find out the sex of my baby. But that's not acceptable at the showers I'm invited to! What am I supposed to make for this baby? There are no co-ed fabrics out there...crikey! Once that little mooshka of a baby arrives, I'm going to have to go into yet another sewing frenzy, gender-appropriate flurry of creativity. Thanks, Maureen! (She did that to get double stuff...diabolical plan...)

Wait! Hold on! I detect a girl outfit. I know boys don't wear Hello Kitty! of the CRHP girls is using her powers of persuasion to get a girl-baby birthed. Wow, I didn't know that one could do that. Just buy a gender-appropriate item and voila! The sex is now predetermined. Smart.

Then there was this blessing. As a ruse to throw Maureen a baby shower, Mary Jo suggested to the group that we host a baby shower benefiting the Women's Help Center. As part of the Center's program, they provide clothing and other items for mother's and babies in need. Gently worn or used items are accepted and quite often, new items such as clothing and diapers find their way to the Angel Closet at the Center. With Maureen present, I nervoulsy (I was afraid I was going to slip and spill the beans) explained to my peeps what was needed for the closet, emphasizing that if they didn't have any used items to donate, a little t-shirt or pants from Wal-Mart ($3-$6) would greatly be appreciated.

Suffice it to say, my sisters didn't stint on their giving in the least. Bags and bags of brand new baby clothing, diapers, binkies, bottles, toys were piled on the table. Gently used items like a Lands End jean jacket (help me, I swooned over that), a big rubber crate of shoes (oh, the cutest little sandals and tennis shoes), baby food, cash donations...

And this afternoon, I found these Mary Janes in the back of my truck, amidst all the lovely donations I gathered last night. What little girl wouldn't love these shoes? What mother wouldn't be proud to place these precious shoes on her little girl's feet?

I am amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit, at the generosity of these women whom I call my sisters. I didn't ask for much, but they gave abundantly from their maternal hearts. Because of these women and many like them, babies all over the city will have decent clothing, warm blankets, clean bottoms. And mommies won't have to fret and cry that they have nothing decent for their children to wear.

Maureen lights up a room with her smile. My CRHP sisters light up a mother's life with their generous hearts. Babies are born. We smile and humanity is illuminated with the joy of new life, new love, joyful hearts.

Thank you, ladies. Perhaps one day, a mother who received your love in the form of baby clothing will one day be in a position to help another needy mother. And so it goes...the light shines on.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

jellyroll of a giveaway!

This beautiful woman is giving away a load of goodies over at her beautiful blog. She designs amazing fabric and patterns that I'm just dying to get my paws on...head on over to Lila Tueller Designs and enter to win! Take a look around, take a look at her patterns and listen to her great Playlist!

Monday, October 5, 2009

the lady loves red.

It's my friend Suzy's birthday today. She loves the color red. Every purse I have ever seen her with has been red. In honor of her ability to embrace other colors, I made her a red ensemble. Here is a small red coin purse, along with a coordinating key fob. There's a matching wallet, but it's very terrible and I despise the pattern. Suzy's getting the wallet, but you're not going to get to see it. Unless I change my mind and really, after showing you these photos, it won't be surprising that the wallet reeks.
And here, my friends, is my pitiful attempt at Photoshop Elements. I really need to practice this program...if you look not-so-closely, you can see where I chopped out a chunk of the card holder (twice). And if you look not-so-closely still, you'll see where I didn't cut out the background. It's a good thing "I got no pride" (yes, I realize that phrase isn't grammatically correct), else I'd be right humbled.

When there's a 17 year-old kid grumbling that he's hungry and you have only minutes to feed the beast before you're out the door to join the birthday girl and friends, you just gotta go with crappy photos.

I'm thinking of posting a tutorial within the 'bout a quick snap card/change holder?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Government...please take a number.

Because it's Saturday and I'm lazy, I give you this beautifully scripted and wry clip:

Take a number and they'll be with you in just a few years...because we all enjoy the wait.

Friday, October 2, 2009

historically funny.

That was Norm Crosby, a popular comedienne in the 70's & 80's. He frequently was a guest on The Mike Douglas Show, The Merv Griffin Show, The Tonight Show and he always made me laugh. He is know as the Master of the Malaprop, which is the substitution of an incorrect word for a word with a similar sound, in which the resulting phrase makes no sense but often creates a comic effect.

Here are a few samples (examples):

*Moses led the Hebrew slaves to the Red Sea where they made unleavened bread, which is bread made without any ingredients. Moses went up to Mount cyanide to get the ten commandos. He died before he ever reached Canada but the commandos made it.

*Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100 foot clipper which was very dangerous to all his men.

*Abraham Lincoln became America's greatest Precedent. Lincoln's mother died in infancy, and he was born in a log cabin which he built with his own hands. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves by signing the Emasculation Proclamation.

So the next time someone uses a malaprop, just smile and think of good ol' Norm.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

what will I wear?

It's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume. You know how it is, you think you have oodles of time to prepare and then, BAM! All of a sudden it's the day before Halloween and still no costume, with your legions of fans waiting for the big reveal.

Not this year, no siree! All the ducks are going to be in a row...I'm thinking of going as Little Bo Peep, I do look smashing in pink. I think I could pull this look off. I have the curls that will provocatively stick out of the sweet little white cap on Bo's head, just like sweet little Bo in the photo.

Oh, here's a good one...Marie Antoinette. Of "Let them eat cake!" fame. I like cake. And I can make my hair tall like that, too. I have just a little more cleavage than the Marie pictured in the photo, so I could definitely pull off this look!

But for some reason, I'm finding myself attracted to this little number. How cute is this costume? It'd be like wearing my jammie's, though I don't think I'd look quite as fetching in this outfit as the sweet lil' piggie in the photo.

Halloween is so stressful! What are you doing for Halloween?
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