Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm all bound up!

Raise your hand if you find it difficult to add binding...

Please raise your hand if you're good at applying binding and have some tips to share with the rest of us bound up sewers...

If you've raised your hand for either statement, please stay after class. You've got some "splainin' to do!" (Name the TV show).

I love the look of matching binding, it adds so much character to a project. But honestly, who can tell me why one time, it's a snap to apply and then another, so very difficult?

If your hand is in the air, wildly waving at me, please stay after class; you've got some splainin' to do!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

day to celebrate Dad's 77th birthday!


Dad, dancing a jig to the table...don't spill that wine, Mister!

I wonder what they're talking about...probably about their kids! They're looking pretty serious!

Thanking Tom for the gift...Chivas Regal, nice!
(I love this photo!)

Laughing at the cards.
Opening gifts.
Eating cake.

Greased Lightening!
The man moves faster than a locomotive!

We had a great time!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Cinderelli, Cinderelli, night and day, it's Cinderelli...

"Noooooo, not Cinderelli, CinderELLA!"

Jason used to sing "Cinderelli" to annoy his little boy, Jonathan. And Jonathan would indignantly set his Daddy straight, telling him how to pronounce "Cinderella" correctly. It was very funny and we had a blast driving our baby insane. Does that make us bad parents?

Today, I was Cinderelli. After I kissed the dudes goodbye, sending them on their way, I got to cracking. I started the laundry, made a homemade Beef Goulash by 10:30 am, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, more laundry, picked up, cleaned toilets and sinks, washed the floor and wrestled a zipper that I worked on for two hours last night and today, completed it in 2.43 minutes.

Tomorrow? Grandma and Pa, Granny and Papa are coming over to celebrate Pa's birthday. I think I'll cook. And because it's a special occasion, I'll be sure to wear my glass slippers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

tribute to the values of the "lowly" citizenry.

This short clip was produced by a teenager...pretty powerful. The clip speaks to the hearts of what so many freedom-loving Americans are feeling in these ever-increasing Government oppressive days... are you listening, Washington? Take note: the sleeping citizenry is awakening...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tale of a fibber.

Hello, my name is Patti and I am a fabricholic.
This is where you clap for me...clap, clap, clap.

You may remember when, just a few days ago, I swore off buying any new fabric until I used up what is in my extensive stash.

I lied. I lied, lied, lied. Sorry about that.

Sometimes, one hears the sound of a distant fabric shop, calling your name and you must jump in your 4-Runner and drive like the wind. Searching, searching for the source of that faint calling. (It doesn't hurt to have the GPS turned on...why get lost?) And then...through the doors of a charming little shop you enter and you find yourself swept away by all the possibilities. Really.

So I bought only three fat quarters...and...a...pattern. But I swear, I spent less than $17. I promise. The Fall patterns spoke to my Yankee heart, with their pretty shades of orange, green, brown and I just had to rescue the pretties from their boring life on the shelf. They were just that pretty, I couldn't pass them up. They're from the Moda line, by Sandy Gervais, entitled "Gobble, Gobble." (Pattern #17478).

So I did. I gobbled them up!

Monday, August 24, 2009

my newest obsession?

I stumbled upon this site this morning, I am intrigued. Beautiful artwork and she even makes stamps. Not only that, she has a tutorial on the process of making stamps, along with tips on what to use and where to buy supplies. Here's a film of Gennine in action (it's 10 minutes, but I moved it along a little by sliding the play button):

Stamp Carving from Geninne D. Zlatkis on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday morning delivery.

This morning, I had a lovely discussion with my identical twin sister Mindy, how once the clutter gets out of control, I feel panicky and just so paralyzed. Where to begin, where am I going to put all this stuff? Do you ever get to feeling that way? And my creativity gets buried under it all and then I feel smothered. Crazy, I know. And my twin sister Mindy says that she feels the same. Isn't it odd how her parents have never been to Florida and mine have never been to Texas and yet, we're sisters? How exactly can that be?

And then, the long-awaited, much anticipated package arrived at my door. Feast your eyes on our senior:

This is just a tease...I want my parents to see the photos up close and personal. Jason and I need to select which poses we want and then pay for it all. I don't know how we're supposed to select only a few, 'cause I want them all! See the color of my baby's hair, in the lower left corner? It's beautiful hair, especially when he lets it grow out...all curly and strawberry-blonde. I had a dream just the other night and in it, he had those curls. I miss those's a joy and yet, so difficult watching our son grow up.

Friday, August 21, 2009

correlation between fabric and life.

I have basically promised myself that I will. Not. Buy any more fabric until I use up what I have.

Unless it's too pretty to pass up.

Unless it's too on-sale to leave it be.

Or it's given to me. Yeah, that happens all the time!

If we win the lottery this weekend, maybe we'll just buy a lovely fabric shop. And my husband can spend his days sewing straight seams and cutting fabric for me.

I decided not to post the other photo I have of fabric all over the cutting table. It's just too much to comprehend all at once. And now that my mom has high-speed internet, she may just peek at this and be mortified that I would share my fabric mess with all of you. Not that I'm ashamed...I know what your sewing rooms look like!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

cooked-up review.

Today, Mom and I went to the movie "Julie & Julia." It was great! It made me want to come home and truss a chicken. Skewer a duck. Chop some onions. Write in my blog. (I'm only going to do ONE of those things!). I really enjoyed the movie, except for one rather disturbing scene: Julia and her husband are about to "cook" things up in the bedroom, if you get my drift. EEEEWWW! That's like having to think of your parents ever being intimate, one's mind just shouldn't go there! Other than that one spicy scene, this is a cute, cute movie.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vintage party!

A vintage photograph of my charming Grandma & her sisters and friends. This must have been taken in the 1920's, though I cannot be sure without Mom's verification. What I am certain of, however, is what fun "The Girls" always had together, as evidenced in this photo. And another thing I'm certain of: the Grandapple didn't fall far from the tree!
I love and miss you, Grandma!

Friday, August 14, 2009

warning...turn away, don't read this!

My friend Randi is cleaning her shop to make room for new Fall fabrics. Yummy. She's giving away all her leftovers...not the food type, the fabric type. In my world, leftovers are lifesavers! The scraps vary anywhere from 6 to 22 inches in length, 44-inches wide, which is a very generous scrap! All you have to do to enter is visit her beautiful blog (one of my very first blog-addictions) and answer the burning question: "What was your favorite TV show as a kid?" That's not the only way to enter. If you Tweet and/or blog about it, you can enter again. Just go over to I have to say... to verify the rules and regulations of this fabulous giveaway.

I don't know why I'm telling you about this giveaway...I'm totally ruining my odds of winning this treasure. I'm hoping the lipstick doesn't come off the fabric. Who would want to win lipstick-laden fabric?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

beginning to an end.

This morning, I asked if I could take his picture.

He said I couldn't, because I'd put it up on my blog.

(It's the first day of the last year of school~he's a senior).

I told him that I wouldn't post it, I just wanted a photo of him in his uniform.

He said that I was lying, I'd say something like, "My baby's first day of school."

I told him that I wouldn't do that!

I didn't get the photo. But I did find this one.

It's my baby-pirate. He loved being a pirate. Long before pirates were cool.

Before Johnny Depp was a pirate.

So my question is this: was he right, did I lie? Or is this just a mother's prerogative?

If it is a lie, I'm not too worried about it.

I'll gladly head to confession.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

tale of a city.

My day began with a visit to the Eiffel Tower. It was everything I'd dreamed it would be...

Having strolled through the streets of Paris all morning and in need of a cool drink, I spied the perfect cafe.

The street musicians were so charming, I couldn't help but join in on the frivolity.

Then it was off to the shops of Paris! It's a good thing I'm married to MacGyver, he'll be able to "recycle" the hat boxes and shopping bags that I brought home from my excursion!

I ended my day at a local bistro, enjoying the sites and sounds of Paris!

OK, so what am I going to make from this fabric? Beats me...but I so enjoy looking at it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

day to be a cook!

My friend asked if I could make an apron for her little 4 year-old girl. Oh, melt me! As I jumped over the moon and landed smack right from where I launched, my reply was an excited "yes!" I don't get to sew very often for a little girl, so naturally, I became obsessed with my mission. The only requirement from my little chef's mother was that it involve pink gingham. OK, for certain I am going to require an intervention by the time this is over. I set out to find a pattern and then, joy of joys, shop for the fabric. The gingham? No problem. But what to put with it, what is going to look good with that joyful pink confection? I happened to be at Joann's and as I perused my fabric options, my eyes fell upon some Alexander Henry fabric...the famous fruit pattern. Perfect! What are the odds of Joann's carrying Alexander Henry fabric? I took it as a good omen and the pinks matched up perfectly! A little cutting, a little gathering, sewing and monogramming her sweet initials and it's complete! And adjustable. My little friend can put the apron on and off all by herself! How creative is that? You can find the pattern here. Free. Easy. Sweet. But I'm thinking that maybe, my little friend-chef might need another accessory. Hmmmmm....

Monday, August 10, 2009

doggone wild!

I can't stop! Who comes up with these ideas? Isn't the prisoner so incredibly cute?
And the pirate! It makes me wonder how long our sweet B.B. would tolerate being in a costume...I'm thinking about 3 seconds. That would make the $28 investment worthwhile! Check the costumes out here. I don't think we spent that much on Jonathan's Halloween costumes. Did I just say Halloween? Yup, it'll be here before we know it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

day to be a baby.

What's up, Doc?
Pretty kitty!

Happy feet!

Oh help me, these babies are just too adorable! If you like the costumes, you can visit Chasing Fireflies for more fantastic children's costumes. These, I just had to share with you!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prescription Description.

"The Commissioner shall specify the benefits to be made available under Exchange participating health benefits plans during each plan year, consistent with subtitle C of title I and this section." pg 84, Sec 203

Apparently, Uncle Sam will mandate all benefit packages for private plans be in the Government Health Care exchange. Again, Uncle Sam is telling me what to do...shoo, Uncle Sam! Get off my porch! Go smoke a cigarette and chill out!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

lovely bird print.

I won this amazing print and I just love it! The contest was several months ago and I forgot to tell you that I had won. Wow. Regina, painter extraordinaire and the author of Creative Kismet, graciously painted and sent this love to me. The colors are vibrant, happy and I adore how she incorporated sheet music within the tear-drop shapes. It makes me cheerful just looking at it. Regina was a guest on Martha Stewart, giving a demonstration on how to make some ultra-cool t-shirts. Love them! Please visit and take a look around her blog and website...she's truly amazing.

And then there's this. What would you call this critter? Squird? Birsque? Maybe...a hummingsquirrel, squirrel-jay or squinch? How about...nuisance?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

run for their LIVES.

RFTL Online Commercial from Mauricio Belgrano on Vimeo.

If you live in the Jacksonville area, please consider participating in the Run For Their Lives 5k. And no, you don't have to run. You can power walk, walk, stroll, or if you're like me, crawl. Just kidding. My 85 year-old mother-in-law and I walk this route several times a week and it's quite enjoyable.

Proceeds of this event will benefit the crisis pregnancy centers of Jacksonville and please, it's important that all understand the importance of these centers. I volunteer at a local center and we see young girls, young women and older women who are in need of not only information, but a kind word, patient understanding. These are your daughters, even your sons, who come to us because they just don't know what to do, where to turn. It is by the grace of God that we are able to sit and converse with each client, hoping to find our way through the wall that many hide behind. We try to ask questions that will get a young woman and often, a young man, thinking. We provide information and resources to those who need it, along with free pregnancy tests. Homeless women who have been abused, young women who are in less than ideal relationships, young men who have impregnated a girlfriend...we speak to them all with the intention of empowering them to choose not what is easy, but what is right. Volunteering at the center has been both a blessing and a privilege in my life.

So please, visit Run For Their Lives to register online or for more information. Or, you can download the entrance form here. And if you can't make it the day of the run, there's a donation button right here. Please consider helping these beautiful babies and their mothers and fathers.

And I'll see you on Saturday, September 5th...if you see a woman crawling, please don't run over her. It's me and if you would, just jump over me. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a Prescription Description.

I've decided to talk a little bit about the proposed Universal Health Care Bill on my blog, not to debate politics, rather, just point out some issues in the bill which concern me. I can't promise that I won't use a little humor, but please, don't be offended if I insert a little wink. It is my belief that we should all take a look at the bill in order to frame an informed opinion. Over on the right sidebar of this blog, you'll see the universal medical emblem which links directly to the bill. When I comment on a portion of the bill, I'll include the page number along with the line number, so that you can check it out for yourself. I'll be posting these gems periodically, or as my blood pressure rises. Don't know which will occur more often.

"The government will have real-time access to individuals' finances and a National ID Healthcard will be issued." Pg 58

OK, so the government can go in and take my money, willy-nilly. And if they take too much, I'm sure it'll be much faster dealing with Washington bureaucrats to credit the discrepancy...probably even faster than it is dealing with the bank! And the national ID did work for the Nazi's in WWII.

**See, a little sarcasm following the fact. I like to keep things light around here.

blog Party...Woo-hoo!

It's a party! And as usual, I think I'm going to be a little late! Not matter, this is worth it! There's a beautiful, new book out called, Blogging for Bliss, by Tina Frey. Little Artsy Mama is hosting the cyber- party and she's made some delicious looking cupcakes...mmmm. In the book, Tina offers tips on how to create a blog, how to make it aesthetically pleasing and how to drive traffic to your little spot on the immense web. She's included over 50 bloggers, to inspire you and show you how her tips can help you create a fantastic blog. To join the party, click here. To visit Tina's beautiful blog, click here. And once I buy the book, we'll have a real-time blog renovation, right here! Down with the old, up with the new!

Gotta run and get ready for the party!

Monday, August 3, 2009

banner day.

Two banners from the Museum of Contemporary Art. They're big! The mission?

Recycle the banners, creating products to be sold in the museum gift shop. It totally sparks my creative juices. I already have a few ideas and cannot wait to get started! I'll be posting pictures of what I come up with...but in the meantime, doesn't that Popsicle look delicious?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ronald Reagan on socialized medicine.

I don't believe that people are thinking to the actual repercussions a socialized health care plan will produce. It's frightening to think that our parents and eventually, ourselves, will be required to attend "end of life" counselling sessions (every 5 years). Or that infertility issues will be addressed by a Federal bureaucrat, determining who will or won't be permitted the "right" to conceive their own child.

And where, then, will it all end? Perhaps the government will tell parents where their children will go to school. Perhaps we'll be "placed" in careers, selected by Washington. It sounds far-fetched, but is it really? We're being shoved into "energy-efficient" vehicles, we're going to be told how warm or cold we can keep our homes... and it won't stop there.

As far as my health, I certainly don't ever want to put it on hold for months on end...ask our Canadian neighbors or British friends. For those who can afford it, they seek treatment in the States, so that they can begin effective treatments immediately rather than waiting 3 to 6 months in their own country.

Just remember one thing: nothing's free. I'd rather pay for my own health care, rather than pay ever-higher taxes , all the while jumping through hoops for Washington.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

look ahead.

My favorite class in High School was Art. My teacher, Mrs. Laman, was the best teacher a student could ask for. She was so easy-going and friendly, always encouraging us to develop our own techniques with various mediums. One assignment was to create a useful item out of fabric and adorn the finished product. That was the beginning of my love of textiles. I recall that I made a tote bag and adorning the tote bag was our dear girl, Holly Hobbie. Holly was a 70's icon, much like today's Hello Kitty. She was everywhere and I always loved her simple, homespun sweetness. Without knowing what the technique was called, I appliqued each piece of Holly's clothing to my bag, painted her face onto the tote and finished with braided hair made from yarn. I recall a flower held in her delicate hand...

Fast forward, really fast, to today. My love of textiles hasn't diminished, as proof of all the fabric overflowing in my sewing room. But that's OK, because I am about to get crazy-busy. Yesterday, I carted all of my finished products to the Museum of Contemporary Art's store, to show the manager what I've been working on. One of my recent projects has been mini key-fobs, that you wear on your finger. I took the whole bag, along with a slew of wristlets and a purse that I had made the day before. And that cake pincushion I've posted about. The manager looks through what I bring and then selects what she thinks will sell and I take the "rejects" home with me. Well, to my complete shock and awe, she took it all! I am wiped out. Not to mention that I booked three Saturdays for the Riverside Arts Market in September, November and December.

So if you come to my door for a cup of coffee and a visit, you had better stop and pick up two javas(one for you, one for me) and be prepared to work! Sparks will be flying!
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