Thursday, March 31, 2011


My parents, with their great-grandson, Liam.

Photographing pure love is akin to capturing elusive.

I don't need to insert any more words...the moment is perfect!

*I "borrowed" this photo from Liam's grandpa's Facebook album. I hope my brother doesn't sue me.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sunset over Florida.

A beautiful Florida sunset, captured over the Intercoastal in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

I can't believe a week has come and gone, our baby boy, Liam, is back at home in Buffalo, NY. We had a wonderful week with our little boy and his great-grandparents, holding him and watching him spit up and coo and all the wonderful things that little babies do. It was wonderful to see his parents, even his grandpa (my brother) came down to share in the meeting of the great-grandparents and their sweet great-grandbaby.

We had a great time, but I'm ready to get back to posting regularly and sharing my ho-hum life.

I'll post some photos of this sweet little baby could I not?!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Our nephew Rob, is bringing his family to Florida to introduce the first "great" to the rest of the family.

We are very excited!

Great-grandma and great-grandpa can't wait to meet Liam.

I can't wait, either! Is it wrong to pinch a baby's cheeks?

I texted Rob and asked if Liam was excited to be arriving tomorrow.

Rob said, "Liam's stoked! He's packing his bag right now."

And then I got this photo:

Liam is so excited to meet us, he packed himself!

Smart, funny little boy.

I can't wait to get my hands on him!

Of course, I'm going to have to wait my turn...I can't very well rip the baby out of my mother's arms. Or can I......?

No, I'll be patient and wait my turn... but it won't be easy!

Oh, Lordy! This baby is going to undo me.

Hurry up, Liam! Aunt Patti can't wait to meet you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

winner, winner, sandwich dinner!

Yes, yes, I know...I ws going to announce the winner yesterday, but yesterday totally ran away from me and I finally caught up with it today.

Sorry about the delay.

And the lucky number, randomly chosen by the handy-dandy Number Generator is...


This is what the winning entrant said about the question of being "hot"......

Whosyergurl said...

I came by to visit because MINDY told me to! But please know that I don't always do what she suggests...but I'm glad I did this time...

I had that Thai salad last time I was there and it was GOOD!

Am I hot? Of course, dahling! I am the hottest brand new Grandma around and...those darn hot flashes! yuck. xo, Cheryl

OK, Cheryl, you won the nifty Panera's card. I'll be contacting you later on today.

Thanks to everyone for playing along. I really LOVE you guys!

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lunch at Panera's!

You may have previously heard me whining about a wisdom tooth I unexpectedly had pulled last week. No

But two days later, I had a raging headache that just wouldn't quit...for 3 loooonnnggg days.

And then on Friday, the kiddo came home from work a mean, green, hurling-machine!

Posting here didn't happen, because (A) I didn't feel well, (B) my son was sick and (C) my week was BORING!

To ensure our work week ends on a resounding sweet note, I'm going to buy one of you lunch. 

As much as I'd like to pick you up and go off together for a nice chat, we all know that's not possible. Especially if you live in Texas, or New York, California, or anyplace outside my 8-mile radius. 

Panera's it is!

So much to choose from...healthy, delicious, sweet! 

I strongly urge you to try the Thai Salad, if you enjoy mild "hotness."

Are you hot?

Interpret that any way you'd like.

In the comments section at the end of this post, tell me if you're hot and what makes you hot.

I'll randomly choose a winner...or choose a random winner. Which is it?

I'll choose the winner on Friday. And you can only enter once.

Is it me, or is it hot in here...? 

*Note: if you need to comment via "annonymous," please leave your email address in your comment so that I can notify the winner.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

getting to the root of the matter.

Several years ago, I decided to take a quilting class. I loved every minute of it.

Above is only one of two quilt tops I've ever made. This is my favorite of the entire two.

It does, of course, need to be finished. I pulled it out of my closet last week and fell in love all over again with the French Country feel of the fabrics. The colors are incredibly amazing. Please overlook the errant threads and the fact that I didn't press this quilt prior to taking photos. I figured you'd forgive me for the wrinkles. On the quilt, not my face. Someday, I'll finish this lovely quilt!

In other news, my sewing room is still half cleaned. Half put-back-together. My plan for today, cleaning the destruction I created last week, was thwarted by an aching tooth. My tooth has been hurting for awhile and just this past Saturday morning, I finally called the dentist to make an appointment. In my vast dental experience, I self-diagnosed a probable cavity, or loose filling. 

Ha. I was wrong on both counts. My appointment was this morning and upon several x-rays and examination, the ever-charming and competent Dr. Martinez told me the pain I had been experiencing in my molar was due to a problem with my wisdom tooth and that it would, in fact, need to be extracted. In his usual jovial fashion, he assured me that he could pull the wisdom tooth, which had a crazy twisted root, right there in his office and that I wouldn't need to go to a specialist. "No problem...what's the worst that could happen?" he asked. At which point I burst out laughing (I know, that really wasn't very reassuring), he laughed, the nurse laughed and then we all got down to business. Within 2.38 minutes, the root popped and the tooth was soundly nestled within the dentist tongs. 

A little gauze, my instruction sheet and pain prescription (I have not take any!) and I was on my way. I've done some laundry and ironing, but am now ready to go nestle into the couch and read on my Kindle. Love my Kindle.

Hence, the whole reason I'm a lazy girl today. Not even an interesting blog post.

Check back for a giveaway sometime this week. Think "gift card."

Something that's fun and you can get yourself a little something...from me to you.

Now if you'll excuse me, Jane Eyre is calling...

It's time to rest my gums.
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