Friday, April 30, 2010

dirty laundry.

Wow. Someone is really ticked!

Proof is out there, for the whole world to see.

Living in the South is really quite get to park the truck in the front yard, store your boat next to the house, walk barefoot in grocery stores...mullets. You still can see a mullet on a redneck.

And then, there's airing of a personal grievances.

Let me show you...

The arrow is pointing to the sign, proclaiming disdain. Injury. Hurt.

Let's continue...
Can you make out what the sign says?

If not, follow the arrows.

What's this...a divorce sale?

As in D.I.V.O.R.C.E?

Like the old Tammy Wynette song.

The jon boat is for sale...

I'll bet the boat was his.

It's a classy place.

Very classy people must live there.

I think I saw Jesse James sitting in his jon boat...

Monday, April 26, 2010

spending the hour reminiscing.

Late yesterday afternoon, Jason and I took a little jaunt over to Lowe's...Jason needed some pool chemicals.

We walked around, looking at stuff we'd like to buy.

Here's a handy-dandy little set that would look excellent sitting out by the pool...

Oh, but look at this! Do remember this nifty furniture, from way back when?

I'm in love with a chair!

But this... This is the chair I can spend my old age on, with Jason right by my side.

Where I can keep an eagle's eye on him!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

technique in marketing.

It was a beautiful day down on the river, hawking our purses and other wares at the Riverside Arts Market.

Jason and I enjoyed watching the people walking by, listening to the music, making friends with the other vendors and chatting with customers.

Dogs on leashes are a big part of the market...many vendors cater to the visiting pooches who are walking their masters.

And then you get this...

Three dachshunds in a stroller. Adorable. Dachshunds. Spoiled.

They are spoiled and I know it...their owner/mother is one of my dearest friends.

These doggies caused quite a stir in my booth. People were swarming over, taking photos of the girls in their stroller.

I'm thinking of hiring Abby, Shelby and Amber to be an attraction in & to my booth.

I wouldn't be breaking any labor laws!

Don't tell PETA.

Bark is cheap!

Friday, April 23, 2010

visit from Sybil.

Just yesterday, I discovered something about myself...

I have an alter-ego. Medically referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder.

It's a self-diagnosis.

How do I know I'm suffering from this disorder? It's the only logical answer to some mysterious happenings around here this week.

Case in point: the other day I picked up a pattern to check how many yards of fabric was needed to make an apron. Yesterday, I went to make said apron and could not find the pattern anywhere. I searched and pattern. Hmmm.

I then went to look for a bag that I recently brought home from the store, which contained some binding tape for the apron. Couldn't find the bag containing the binding tape.

It only makes sense that there is another woman living in this house and that she's playing tricks on me. On my mind. There is no other "real" woman here, so this theory has to be correct.

I've named this new woman, "Sybil." Like the Sally Fields' Sybil in the '70's. I remember that movie and it's only fitting I salute an old classic with my malady. And Sybil is such an old-fashioned name...and Sally Fields played in my favorite T.V. show, The Flying Nun.

Do you know what Sybil did that really ticked me off?

Sybil put the contents of the misplaced bag away, placing the binding where it was supposed to go. Had she told me that she was here and "helping" me by being responsible and organized, I wouldn't have wasted 30 minutes of my life looking for a little white shopping bag!

Perhaps I could cajole Sybil into organizing and cleaning my house...she's never around when I need her!

Friday, April 16, 2010

pimpin' pumps!

I have another tale for you.

Oh stop it! You know you want to hear it!

At the end of yesterday's post, I promised you a photo of my new pumps...

Early this morning, I took the pumps out of their box and set the lovelies on the floor. Something didn't look right...

Aaaargh! Two right shoes?! Different sizes?!!! Oh, no!

I raced back to the store and thankfully, was there in time to be the first customer.

"Oh, please-oh-please-oh please, let the right (left) shoe be there, in the right (correct) size...

Ahhhhhh....relief! Here are the pimpin' pretties! Aren't they just adorable? I'll let you know how they feel after a few hours...I can pretty much promise you that they'll hurt. But they'll hurt so good!

And in other news, check out the wallet. Big deal, you say? Yeah, not when it's made out of paper! Snap!

I'll be making more of these fun and funky wallets...I have lots of paper!

Here's the link on how to make them. But I warn you, the instructions aren't complete. I had to figure some stuff out on my own.

Oh, and one more thing...I was on the radio today. Queen Of Peace Radio. I was nervous. I'm not sure what I said...

So friends, I'll understand if you pretend you don't know me when I run into you in public.

Just don't hate me because my shoes are beautiful!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

plaid shoes.

These brown/white plaid shoes beckoned to me.

They cried out, "Here I am! Choose me!"

Do you think I can get away wearing these with black capris? What if I told you that I won't know most of the people at the function, the majority being from out-of-town?

What if I told you that I could redeem myself later in the evening, with a smashing pair of black pumps that do match my outfit?

Would that make a difference to you? To them?

That later in the evening, they'll all be bellied up to the bar and shouldn't recollect the events that transpired earlier in the day, much less the fact that my shoes didn't match my outfit.

And then there were these.

I sold them last weekend. In the "Big Wind" sale.

I loved them and now I miss them. Because it's back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow: a photo of my new black pumps.

I know you can't wait to see them!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"soaper" day!

A funny thing happened this past weekend, at RAM.

It was windy...again. The tent felt like it was going to fly away. That's not what was funny.

We sold out of almost everything. Now I have to make scads of new stuff. That's not funny.

Jason's phone didn't stop ringing. Work problems. Definitely not funny.

We were neighbors with this delightful company, The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe, Inc. What a precious, precious display of aromatic soaps, gels, sachets, balms. Oh my! The smell wafting in the air, surrounding our booth with luscious scents was really too much to handle. I wanted to run over and snatch some soap to place inside my purses, making them smell irresistible. I really should have done that...but that's not the funny part.

This is my new best friend, Mary. She is the owner-extraordinaire of PVSoaps. What a lovely lady. I asked her way too many questions, but she enthusiastically answered every one of them. What a talent! She holds soap-making classes in her home. Groovy! She also has soap-making recipes on her web site. Smashing! As well as all kinds of supplies, should you attempt this art in your own kitchen. Yikes!

This hip chick is Leslie. She is very funny. As we were taking apart our booths at the end of the show, I shared with her a kind of personal issue I was having at the time. Now most people would have thought I was weird, "off," or just plain creepy. Not Leslie. She discussed my dilemma with me and we had a nice little laugh over it. I like Leslie. That conversation was funny...

Look at that soap. Oh, my. It makes me want to march right on over to Mary's and buy more. You choose what fragrance appeals to your senses, then Mary or Leslie will take the whole wheel of soap over to the scale, cut off a slice and weigh it.

Then they wrap your yummy soap in tissue paper, complete with a sticker of the name of the scent you just purchased. It's almost like shopping in a deli...just too, too cute!

The "funny thing" I was alluding to at the beginning?

I didn't find out until I emailed Mary on Monday from the comfort of my chair...

Mary and I both are originally from Buffalo, NY.

We just might have attended the same concert all those years ago.

Or sat near each other in a restaurant.

Or, as I mentioned to Mary, maybe we dated the same guy.

Now that would be funny!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

you can do whatever you feel!

My friend, Julie, has a membership at the Y. A group of her friends meet there every morning to exercise. Julie's a little crazy. Apparently, her group is competing with other groups at the Y in some kind of cult exercise contest. Julie's group would get 50 extra points if she could hornswaggle a friend to join the group in their quest for fitness. Guess who the sucker was that she convinced to get up early and join her for a round of torture? Yup. Me.

I fully anticipated meeting a nice group of interesting people at the Y. Nope. Just a group of premenopausal women. Lucky me.

Maybe Jillian would be there, screaming at me to "get up!" and ultimately, making me vomit!

Nope. Not even Bob was there to cajole me into inspired exercise. I did meet a nice young man, our trainer Jay. But he's no match for this group of middle-aged women. By the end of our hour of torture, the hormonal women were barking orders at him, poor soul. I don't know if he kept looking at his watch to time our exercise, or in anticipation of our hour expiring and us leaving.

What kept me going was my anticipation of leaving the Y, looking like a famous model. Christie Brinkley would be just fine.

Nope. I still look like Maxine and gravity is still working against me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hello, Cupcake!

Watch this fun little clip and visit here to get the details on this fun giveaway.

Wow...this is quite the machine!

Decorate your cakes and other goodies using the same cartridges you use in your Cricut machine!

What? You don't own a Cricut machine?! Neither do I!

Pretty cakes!
You know you want one....
Enter here, now!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

fabric accessory.

A fabric necklace. It's different, unique. Much prettier and vibrant in real-life.

The necklace needed something extra, so I decided to learn the art of rolling fabric roses. Then I attched the green rose to the necklace, adding a funky new vibe.

Now I can roll roses out of anything...fabric, ribbon, paper...

This is a matching bracelet. I would prefer a charm of some kind, over the button. But ya gotta go with what you have available. I found the tutorial for the bracelet here. They're easy and fun to make, but a little tricky at the end.

I'll be making more necklaces and bracelets in the coming's fun seeing how the fabrics and colors come together.

Plus, I have another style necklace in the works.

This necklace is for one of my "trusty" friends. She is going to say, "Oh, Patti! I just love it." I know this because she loves everything I make her. It's nice having a friend who is so easly to please.

Friday, April 2, 2010

fabric envy.

I wish this were my sewing room...but it's not.

It's Randi's fabric shop, over at i have to say.

Everything in Randi's shop is 20% off AND you could win a $50 gift certificate redeemable in her shop.

Visit her for all the details...

She has beautiful fabric!
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