Monday, April 25, 2011

discombobulated and disconnected!

I am currently experiencing "connection" or lack of, an internect connection. I believe it's a router issue, but I'm no techie...

I'll be back, right here, once we get the issue resolved. I miss writing on my little blog and miss the interaction with you guys.

Hopefully this little issue will be resolved soon...

Until then,

Hang tight and don't forget about me!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I took this photo this past weekend, while sitting on the patio. The sky was a perfect blue, so calming and soothing. This is the best time of the year in Florida, the perfect weather and vibrant spring colors. In a few short months, the humidity will be like a wet blanket, suffocating and wreaking havoc on my hair. And isn't that what's important, the texture of my hair? I thought so!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

they're just kids, with coats!

It might have been easier to have a few horses as pets.

Horses socialize together, have a strong sense of independence. If you need them to work, they'll pull a plow. They're also a great source of transportation. They're affectionate and not to mention, beautiful!

As opposed to this creature.

Who has been sick with a bowel problem and in need of "special" attention...

...assistance in cleaning her backside after executing certain "movements."

How far do the duties of motherhood extend?!

It could be worse...

I'd probably do the same for a sick horse.

And that's a whole lot of wet wipes!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

time for new pajamas!

Forever Plaid!
We all have a favorite pair of jammies.

Mine happen to be a pair of blue flannel plaid. Pants that I've been wearing for about 10 years…they’re disintegrating, but I couldn’t face that sad fact. I cringe at the thought of tossing out my favorite pajamas, but they've been mended, patched and re-sewn so many times, their time has finally come.

Yes, those are the jammies in the photo.

And since spring is a time of new beginnings, perhaps it's time to make a new pair of pajama pants using my old plaid pair as a pattern. It shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

I'm going to use the instructions at Sew 4 Home  to make my new pair. If all sews well, they should fit just as well as the old pair!

If you sew, why don't you join me in making yourself a nice new pair of summer pjs? The process looks pretty easy and what a great way to get some jammies that fit like your old faithful pair...

Friday, April 8, 2011

life in a barn.

Our house is not a barn!

I've been away from my blog for a very long time! I never intended to go AWOL, but I guess "stuff" just happens. Where I've been, what I've been doing all this time is just as much a mystery to me, as it is to you. Let's see, if I start with today and work backwards, let's see what I can come up with.

~Today. Blogging; talking with Jonathan and friend; Lowe's; dining out; work; cleaning stinky, disgusting stain on carpet; dog-poop; work; vet appointment; coffee, makeup; cereal, shower; waking up.

~Yesterday. Bedtime; reading;dinner; clingy dog; work; coffee, makeup, cereal, dog trying to get in shower; shower, waking up.

You might have noticed that we've been having dog issues. BB the wonder-dog has been acting funky and weird and really, the doggie accident on the carpet almost put me over the edge. Wow. Talk about the house smelling like a barn! I'm here to tell you that just pouring hydrogen peroxide on the spot worked wonders!

I could go on and on and on...(sorry), but you'd find that all my days have pretty much been the same. I sometimes feel that I have nothing interesting to share with you, no altruistic thoughts or inspiring project. But then again, when has anything on this blog been all that interesting, inspiring, or altruistic?

Lucky for you (or not), I'm not going anywhere and I'm going to keep plugging away at this here blog. I've made a few purses and am currently working on boxer shorts for ladies. In pretty fabrics. I figure that I have one more pair of throw-aways, and I'll have perfected the construction of the shorts and they'll look pretty. Then I'll be looking for a model to pose in them for my Etsy shop.

So there you have it!

Stay tuned for another interesting post about nothing in particular. I think I have this writer's block whipped!

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