Thursday, July 8, 2010

litany of randomness.

It's time to get my website updated...I've been working on taking photos of my purses and editing the daylights out of them.  It's really not as easy as it sounds.  I mean, how hard could taking a photo of fabric really be? 

If Jen is reading this, there is the peace-sign bag.  It's been sitting in my stack...

I ran short of fabric on a purse I'm constructing...does it really need shoulder straps? 

Having hated my Shark floor cleaner for 2 years, it finally bit the dust (ha, ha) and Jason ordered me a new Bissel Steam I love it!  Now my floors sparkle!

I'm thinking of adding a recipe page to my blog...anyone interested in reading that?  Last night, I made a bowl of whole wheat pasta with a tomato vinagrette-style dressing.  That one's a keeper!  Super easy...

Why can't I just get out of bed and look marvelous?  Oh 23, where did thou goest?  48 is so much work!

Thank you for listening.

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