Friday, July 23, 2010

electronic book worm.

This arrived at my door yesterday...for me!

Jason ordered a Kindle as a surprise...I had no clue!  Jonathan knew, but true to form, he kept it a secret and the little booger didn't let on.

It's an amazing gadget...I don't know how to work all the features, but I'm larnin'!

Jason thought it might come in handy while on vacation.  Read in the car, by the lake, on the wide porch...that is, if I still remember how to read!

Visiting the Kindle store on Amazon is a daunting task.  There are just too many books to choose from, but thankfully, I stumbled across the "free" section and was delighted with the wonderful selection of literary classics. 

Here is what is currently on my Kindle:

* The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
*Uncle Tom's Cabin
*Always Watching (never heard of this one)
*Mixed Bags (nor this, but it could be about old-lady friendship?)
*The Malacca Conspiracy (good reviews)
*Pride and Prejudice
*Treasure Island

I'll eventually run through the free classics...because I love "free."

I need your suggestions...what amazing books have you read lately?  I need to know!

Thank you, Jason.  I adore the Kindle...and you!

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