Saturday, April 11, 2009

list of excellent blogs.

I've been hoarding some of my favorite blogs...selfish, I know. So in the spirit of Spring and all things new, here are just a few inspiring blogs that I love:

~Annie's Eats: hold on to your pants, you'll explode just looking at her concoctions.
~Cotton and Cloud: handmade in England, all sorts of lovely goodies, and cats!
~Betz White: a very talented artist, she makes all kinds of goodies out of felted wool.
~NieNie Dialogues: her love of God and family are endearing, you'll rejoice over each new hurdle she clears
~Raggedy Old Annies: she makes cute, cute dolls. I've bought one of her patterns, but have yet to make.
~Taylor Made: it's a great site, with tips on photo editing, great ideas and interesting links. Visually beautful!

1 comment:

randi said...

I love Betz's blog! Thanks for these fun links!

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