Friday, February 12, 2010

who are these people?

Today is not just Lincoln's Birthday (now known as President's Day), nor is it two days before Valentine's Day and one day prior to my husband's birthday...

Today is the 56th Anniversary of these two Hollywood-type stars:

Our father...

and our mother.

Weren't they beautiful? Dad has the same blue eyes and all of his hair (just white, now) and Mom still has those high patrician cheekbones and beautiful smile. She too, maintains a full-head of hair.

They gave birth to four crumb-crunchers:

~Tom: lawyer, author of His Truth Is. Family-man, married to sweet and gentle Melany, who is my first and therefore, treasured sister. Three children, Donna (Jonathan), Robert (Sheila) & Colin (bass guitar).

~Steve: funny, creative, smart, athletic. Have I ever mentioned he was a daredevil in his youth? I'll have to share some of those stories! Found his love, Linda, whom we love dearly.

~Mike: fun, a runner, awesome amateur dancer! Married to fun Laurie, a girl with a lot of energy and always ready to help those in need. We love her! Twin boys Connor & Aaron...or is it Aaron & Connor?

~Patti: me. The baby. Spoiled. Rotten. Married to Jason, who took pity on me and married me in spite of my flaws. The rest of the family loves him, 'cause he can fix anything! (And he took me off their hands.). Son Jonathan (guitar).

Thanks Mom and Dad, for giving us all life, a stable and happy childhood, putting up with us through those difficult teenage years. For driving us everywhere, for teaching us how to drive, for washing millions of loads of laundry; for the meals you prepared, ensuring that we ate together as a family each and every night.

For the vacations we took as a family, for the footballs you tossed around with us, the games we played, the tears you wiped from our eyes. You saw to it that we attended mass every Sunday, religious education and the music lessons you paid for. You instilled in us a love for our grandparents, teaching us the importance of respect due our elders and compassion towards our fellow-man.

Even for the chores we were responsible for, teaching us that work helps build character and we were by no means above getting our hands dirty.

These and so many more...



Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering our "special" day in 1954 (even tho you didn't show up until 1962). Those were busy years, but well worth all the trouble. You children are a blessing, and thanks for the grandchildren. So many good memories (funny, sweet and nerve-wracking). God is good.

Dad said...

Patti that was a beautiful testomoney.thanx for not mentioning the "not so good things" We have such beautiful,smart,good looking children @ grandchildren-- not to forget "BB", "Frank the Tank" @ other numorus pets. We are really blessed. We love ya'll. Dad

JR said...

Yeah, I like 'em, too. They raised a great father-in-law for me. :)

Thomas Fleming said...

Patti, THANK YOU for one of the most moving tributes to anyone I've ever read! I'm ashamed that I didn't get around to reading this post until today (Monday); I'll have to figure out how to get them by email from here on. Anyway, everything you said is true in spades. No children ever had greater parents than we have. GOD BLESS THEM (and you)!

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