Sunday, January 22, 2012

19 years of saving.

How to spend a Sunday afternoon...I wanted to watch football, but necessity brought me to my senses and I spent the entire day cleaning my our room. Starting our Sunday with mass is essential, as is the coffee and the delicious BLT sandwich I had for breakfast at the Village Bakery. Mom and Dad joined us and we had a lovely time. We always have fun with the folks, laughing and teasing each other, Jason calling my mother "Mee-Maw." She doesn't like that name, which makes Jason enjoy calling her all the more. We came home and I decided I'd iron clothes, waiting for football to come on the Telly, at which point I'd commence cleaning my our room.

A-hem. What a job! It seems Jason and I can't part with anything, especially that which our son touched, read, wrote, or played with while growing up. I have a bin of pristine childrens' books, schoolwork, artwork, does one let go of all those memories? So we didn't. We just stashed everything and creatively stored it. But enough is enough, right? After all, the one-and-only child will probably just end up chucking it all when we die, so I might as well make his future a little easier once we're gone and hopefully in heaven.

 My pillow. Covered with a luscious flannel pillowcase, which belongs to Jonathan. But I took it, as I love the playful winter creatures and it's soft and comforting. It reminds me of "home," the great, white North. It is blizzard season, after all, and I'm missing it! Did you know I survived the Blizzard of '77?

And then there's this creature. She's a good old girl. The sweetest, most docile dog I have ever known. She doesn't know she's a canine and honestly, I don't have the heart to tell her differently. She apparently had an exhausting day watching me tackle the bedroom gremlins.

I'm wrapping up my day by watching football, sitting on the couch and chatting with my best friend, Jason. Discussing's very nice and comfortable. I can't imagine spending my free time with anyone else but him.

Tuesday, I plan on continuing my quest to purge our home of "stuff." We're not hoarders and there's plenty of room to walk around...unless you're in my sewing room. If I'm not feeling particularly proud, I'll snap a picture of that mess and share it with you. Not that I'm particularly proud of how I trashed it at Christmas, but I'm going to forgive myself and vow to get that room cleaned up and convert it back to a bedroom. We need a space for visitors...right now, the only place we have is a dog bed that has been drooled upon by that lovely beast pictured above. We shall see how this all works out...

Perhaps all this purging has something to do with getting ready to turn 50...taking stock, simplifying, de-cluttering. On to the next stage, my senior- citizen-hood!

And I'm looking forward to all those discounts! And free coffee. Saving my McDonald's cup so that I can get free refills. At least, that's what I've heard...

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