Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"stupid" thought for the day.

You know, I often wonder if there are any dunces reamining in the world. There have to be some around somewhere, right?

Wrong! I know this to be a fact, because it seems that every parent considers his/her offspring to be smart, ahead of his/her peers, ready to start kindergarten prior to the age-rule, off the charts...yada, yada, yada.

With all the smart spawn, what's with all the stupidity in this world? Where is it coming from? How is this possible?

Whatever happened to being content and proud with a good child? Seldom do I hear a parent describing their child as "good." "Sweet" or "Loving."

Who cares how smart a child is? What does that have to do with anything? I think we could do with more love in this world, more compassion, and abundant faith in God.

Never once did I hear our parents describe us to others as "smart" or "gifted." I wonder...maybe it's because we were just dunces.


Jana Nielson said...

Amen Sister!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...


J said...

Oh, come on, Patti! Now you know you're parents thought that you were the most brilliant littl girl to walk the planet, why in fact I'm sure you are down-right gifted! I know I was! :p And don't even get me started on my own amazingly brilliant offspring...why they are just the smartest children since...well, since Einstein, I guess! Just ask the oldest one - he'll tell you I'm sure! (tongue firmly in cheek!!)

Ok, Ok, I know that dunces are alive and well. In fact, some days I'm pretty darn share that I might just have the marketshare of them at............... work!! (you didn't really expect me to say at home did you?)


J said...

well, clearly I'm gifted ... and should have proofed before posting... obviously it's your parents not "you're". And I'm sure you were a little girl and not a "littl" one. Of course, I'm pretty darn sure, not "share".

I can't even blame it on wine, because I haven't uncorked the bottle yet!

Yes, Patti, dunces are clearly alive and well...just read my first comment! :0)

(slinking away blushing)

Unknown said...

If Mom and Dad didn't go around trumpeting our "giftedness" to others, I'm sure it was because they knew it was self-evident! Why waste energy proclaiming the obvious? ;-)

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