Sunday, August 3, 2008

vacation, part deux.

No, I'm not finished with BB King and his club. This is one of those charming little tables we were sitting at, drinking a nice cold beer and/or Coke. See the salt and pepper shaker on the left side of the table? I either had to climb up on a barstool or find someone tall to take this picture. Hmmm, who do I know that is tall? This is Sun Studio, recording studio where many "greats" made their first recording.
Oh, this little guy? He's not a recording artist, but he is awfully cute! His name is Marvin and I caught hime pointing his very high-tech phone at us, getting ready to take our picture. But I got him first! He really was sweet...look at that smile! But he wouldn't share any ribs with me.

Onward, to the Gibson Guitar Factory. This was the highlight of Memphis, where baby guitars are born and raised into sleek and melodious instruments. That's our tour guide, and she reminded me an awful lot of my girlfriend's daughter, Mackenzie.

Look! Mummified guitars! No, they're just bound, held together...part of the gluing process. Interesting...they used to do the same thing to feet in Japan. Only the feet weren't glued. Back to guitars. This is only the beginning of the tour and so much information. We'll continue our tour tomorrow with more pictures...can't wait!

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