Tuesday, August 12, 2008

salad spinner.

This, my dear friends, is one of my all-time kitchen gadgets. A salad spinner. I need a hobby, I know. But this is a fantastic helper, especially if you eat a lot of salad. I love salads. I love a fresh salad with grilled chicken, loaded with cucumbers and onions and peppers...I digress. I could buy a bag of prewashed lettuce (and have), bring it home and open the bag. Whereupon an obnoxious gas wafts to my nostrils and by this time, I'm rethinking the whole "it's fast and easy and I'm lazy" way of life. Enter my salad spinner.

I buy one of these lovely heads of romain lettuce, cut the core off and chop it into nice bite-size pieces. I then place the leaves into my salad spinner and fill it with water. I stir it around a little and let it sit for a few minutes or hours, depending upon my attention span for that day. I then drain the water, and spin the life out of those leaves! They come out clean and dry. I'm now ready to make my salad. Easy, easy. And oh-so-fresh! I store my salad in a Zip-Lock bag, which keeps it nice for a few days. Then I can have a salad whenever I want. No more funky salad-in-a-bag for me, I'm gonna have me a fresh plate of green heaven.

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