Tuesday, August 26, 2008

day for a crown.

I did it! I finally went to the dentist to have my excruciatingly painful tooth checked out. Why is this a red letter event in my life? Because I am uncomfortable, uneasy, frightened, freaked-out, scared, unsettled, nervous, apprehensive...visiting the dentist. I just don't like the profession. BUT...the dentist I saw today was very kind and understanding. And he didn't hurt me. It turns out that I had fractured a tooth and it's been hurting for about a month. For the past two weeks the pain has been intensely uncomfortable. But because I'm so special, the dentist gave me a temporary crown. Not to wear on my head, but to wear in my mouth. And here's to hoping that this is the beginning to the end of the war that rages between my tooth and its nerve and my jaw. Oh and by the way, saying a decade of the rosary on the way to the dentist certainly helped. Oh yeah, and all the prayers I said directly to God himself while waiting for the gallon of novacaine to take effect were answered. Today, I found my COURAGE.

1 comment:

randi said...

SO glad you found your courage and got the tooth fixed!

I am freaked out by the dentist too! I have a filling that is chipping out slowly and I am dreading getting it fixed. Maybe I need to locate my courage too and just do it before it gets any worse!

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