Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm fortunate to have some very good friends. When the going gets tough, we're always there for each other. I love each and every one of my girls dearly. I wouldn't trade not a one of 'em for all the wine in the Nappa Valley. For all the frilly martini drinks, for all the ...sorry. So when I came across this picture of my girlfriend, I just had to share it. Truth be told, it's one of her better pictures. She looked fantastic this day. Her complexion is vibrant, her choice in clothing and color suits her mood, her teeth are back in and she even had her nails done. All in all, I think you'd agree, if you know her, that it's a sweet photo. So Terri, I didn't think you'd mind if I posted this picture. That's OK, you can thank me later.

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