Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little Dolly

Yup, it's another doll.

This is a "paper" doll, made from felt!

I know, it makes no sense and yet, it's a brilliant idea.

I wish I could have just ONE brilliant idea...

After a long run of absolutely no creative mojo, I ventured into my sewing room, opened the closet door and rummaged through some beautiful fabric...

...which made me realize how much I've missed making things.

I have three dolls cut out and tonight, added their mouths and cheeks...TWICE! I didn't like the placement of the rosy little cheeks, so I cut the threads and moved the cheeks, resewing them in the proper spot.

I don't quite understand why these projects take me so long, but I'm going to embrace this fact and cut myself some slack. I ALWAYS angst over the amount of time a project takes.

Once round #2 of the same project comes around, I pretty much cut the time by half. And then I really, really enjoy the sewing process.

You do realize Suzy's birthday is coming up and Christmas is just around the corner?

Suzy's gift is just about finished...

And before you and I know it, we'll be sewing up a storm for the incredibly fun holidays that are just a few short months away.


Have scissors, will travel!

I can't wait!

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