Tuesday, August 7, 2012

feeling groovy!

Life has been busy, lately. I started this little ol' blog of mine as a creative outlet. It wasn't enough to just make things, I also had a need to say things. To write. Writing and drawing have always been my first loves, sewing my third. Over the years, as our son grew, I found I had a little extra time to create...and that included my beloved blog. Now I'm working full time-plus and it seems that over the last several months, my creative spark sputtered. This weekend I felt the faintest of creative juices churning and I found myself working on a modest manageable project. Lucky for me, my car decided to drive me to Cinnamon's Quilt Shop (naughty vehicle!) after work last week and I bought a little stash of fabric. A layer cake, to be exact. I had found a tutorial for a table runner on Sew4Home, which looked easy enough. So off to cutting and piecing and sewing I went. And it felt really good to be creating!  I whipped up a table runner for my girlfriend's birthday. The project isn't finished...I need to make a sandwich, quilt and bind it. But still. It's a start and I'm two months ahead of schedule. I'm feeling pretty good about it. The fabric in the photo is Vintage Modern, by Camille. It's quite lovely, especially the floral pattern.

I guess you could say that it feels good to be back. I need to change the blog header and update my page, but I reckon that will come in time. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather and the holidays. What about you?

Hip, Hip, Cheerio!

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