Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Cake Banner!

Birthday Banners...they're fun to make and the recipient will look forward to hanging it year after year!

I've never written a tutorial before, but this will give you some ideas of how to put a banner together.

There's not much sewing...I  turned under the raw edges of the cotton canvas and made a 2-inch pocket for a dowel or decorative rod to be inserted, so that the banner can be hung. I also sewed a zig-zag stitch around the cake and cake stand, before embellishing the cake.

 Heat 'n Bond is used for adhering the fabric to the canvas.

 Gathered tulle looks lovely on a little girl's banner. Add some crystals to make it sparkly!

A strand of white plastic pearls create a lovely-looking icing effect.

 Use your printer to make the lettering. Simply choose your font, enlarge and choose the outline option. Adhere your Heat 'n Bond to the wrong side of all your fabric and you're half-way to being finished! After applying the Heat 'n Bond, place your letters BACKWARDS on the paper side of your fabric. This way, once you outline your letters and cut them out, flip the letters over to the right side of your fabric and you have "Happy Birthday!"

I designed my own cake stand. You can see the white Heat 'n Bond peeking out from under the purple fabric. These are the tiers of the cake, also with Heat 'n Bond ironed on the wrong side of the fabric. After you have your lettering placed and ironed at the top of your canvas, decide where to place your cake and cake stand. Remember to leave enough room for the candles to be placed at the top and the name of the birthday boy/girl at the bottom of the canvas.

I used a strand of black plastic beads to use as the legs of the stand. I've also used fabric paint in previous banners, to use as the feet of the stand and to simulate icing on the cake. On my first banner, I painted the lettering on the canvas. It is a little more labor intensive, but still cute.

 Here is the lettering, outlined backwards on the fabric. It's really very easy.

I hand-rolled the fabric flowers, using crystals and beads for the middles. There are loads of fabric flower tutorials...check here, here, and here.

This was the first time I used Fun Foam for the candles and I have to say, they were easy to make and very cute! I make a bag of candles, so that a candle can be added each year. Just take a piece of tape and stick it to the banner for the big day!

A banner can be used for multiple siblings. You might make theme banners that can be used for both boys and girls. Your imagination is your limit...just cut-out the names of your children and instead of permanently adhering the names, just tape them on with Scotch tape.

You might decide that a cupcake is more your style. Go ahead, that would be super cute! I desperately wanted to make this banner as a cupcake, but my friend wanted a birthday cake... :(  

Pirates would make a cute banner...a Jolly-Roger flag with swords, eye patch, etc...

Dinosaurs, ballerina, tanks, mermaids, Army, gymnastics...all would be very cute themes. You could attach little toys to the banner.

If you'd like more information on the dimensions of the banner, leave a comment and I'll answer your question.

Thanks and Happy Banner!

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