Monday, June 13, 2011

summer hats.

I've discovered the happy world of hat-making.

Living in the land of sun, it's important to keep one's head covered while out fishing, boating, gardening and/or beaching.

I didn't create the pattern, Betz White did. Check out her fabulous blog and list of patterns. This hat really is a breeze to make...and a lot of fun. 

 Here we have a summer bouquet. The colors a fabulously bright! Nice view of the side-seam...oh, and we have a nice wrinkle! The photographer must go! What an amateur...

This little frog jumping from lilly pad to lily pad is fun... 

And another hat with flowers...perhaps a tad more subdued than the first hat.

These hats (and more!) will be residing at the Avonlea Mall, come Thursday, on the corner of Baymeadows and Philips Highway behind the new CVS store. The shop name is "Green Gables" and there are loads of fantastic creations from artists residing in the Jacksonville area. Check it out, it's a fantastic mall.  You just might get lost in there.

 Next up: the Cadet hat.

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