Tuesday, November 18, 2008

recurring theme.

Can you guess what this is going to be? Yes! You're correct! It is going to be a duffel bag. I've gotta tell ya, flamingos have been very popular this week. And gators. I mean, Gators. Flamingos, Gators...can you tell I live in the South? If I were back home in Buffalo, NY, it'd be buffalos, I mean, Buffalos and Sabres. Anyhoo (Canadian lingo), this is going to be for my friend Terri, who really does have a heart. I know, because I saw and heard it on a monitor at her doctor's office. That was a great time! I'm planning on sewing up a storm this week..I have Christmas orders starting to come in. Which reminds me of a song. Too soon to sing, I'll wait until Black Friday.

So for now, good night and have a pleasant and cozy evening.

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Donna said...

Aunt Pattie! I am so happy to see yor blog! Dad sent me to his, thats how I found yours! So... I have to tell you about a party I threw for my hubbie this summer for his birthday..actully it might be more fun if you check out my blog...I'll post pictures today!
I cant wait to hear from you! Your handbags are ADORIBLE!

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