Monday, November 24, 2008

brother's new blog.

I was blessed to grow up in what used to be considered a traditional family. My parents, myself, along with three older brothers. We were raised on an island, the very same island my father and his brothers grew up on, the very same island our Grandma and her family grew up on. The island is said to have been the last stop on the Underground Railroad, destination Canada.

My brothers are very dear to me. Today, I am going to introduce you to the "oldest" brother (sorry, Tom), the most senior of the set. He is quite remarkable. He's very smart, extremely patient and has a very wry sense of humor. The boys were each others' playmates when they were little, and I remember them playing baseball in the field across the street, or touch football in the yard. And when playtime was over, Tom would inevitably end up with his nose in a book. He never left home without at least three. Books. Or more. There's a Jello incident in his past, but let's just say that rather than drop his books, he opted for the Jello dessert Mom had labored over to take to Grandma's for Thanksgiving. It had like, six layers to it, each seperated with a yummy cream concoction. I never did get to say this, but "NICE GOING, TOM!" I do believe that Mom forgave him. The rest of the family still carries a grudge, but moms are good about overlooking that sort of thing. I digress. Tom's book fetish paid off...he's a lawyer, a history buff, a writer, an editor, a Civil War re-enactor Not to mention that he married a sweet and gentle soul and they raised three talented children, who are now grown (sigh).

True to my history of ripping my dear brother off, I snagged that photo up there off his new blog, Marching On. I'd love for you to go and visit him. Please, please don't compare our writings! Oh Lordy, once you finish reading Tom's posts, my ramblings will sound like the kid who writes backwards on that elementary school lined paper. In crayon. With snot smeared across the page. DON'T JUDGE ME!!! Tom writes beautifully, able to express his thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Unlike me. He has some beautiful thoughts about God and country, our family history, politics and history.

Friends, let me introduce you to Tom, of Marching On.

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Thomas Fleming said...

Thanks for the plug, Patti! As for the Infamous Jello Incident, I had forgotten about it completely until you brought it up--THANKS A LOT! :-) As a blogger, I owe so much to your example and encouragement, Pat! And as a writer, you're every bit as insightful and articulate as I am, if I am. I LOVED that post about the mission in St. Augustine; between your pictures and description, it almost felt like I was there! We'll have to go the next time I'm down. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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