Friday, August 27, 2010

vicious circle.

I've had this fabric for a long time.

I just couldn't decide what to make from it.

The thing with those who sew is this: it's next to impossible to cut into a fabric when it takes your breath away.

But last night, the pretty fabric begged to be made into something.

So I did it.

I transformed it into an apron.

There wasn't enough fabric to make the full apron, as in the I made a half-apron.  Still so pretty.

Just one thing...

I forgot to attach the pocket.

You know how I said in a previous post that I wasn't going to buy any more fabric?  Apparently, I lied. 


At the time I meant it, but I happened to run into an online sale and crikey, I couldn't pass up these precious fabrics:




Aprons, potholders anybody? 

Yeah, these are priceless fabrics.  I didn't order much, so if you have any ideas for the fast-approaching holidays, give me a shout. 

'Cause the sewing machine goes into hibernation the second week of December.

And I settle in for my long winter's nap!

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