Tuesday, August 24, 2010

on my table:

I have placed a moratorium on fabric-buying. 

Unless, of course, someone has requested a special order.

Thankfully, my friend Connie came to my rescue.  Which meant that I had to go buy some fabric. 

I love it when that happens!

Three of those fabrics were already living with me...really.  Not a recent purchase.

We shall begin at the top of the stack:

~the first two fabrics most likely will be a purse.  The colors are gorgeous!
~the third and fourth will be a purse.  Special order.
~the fifth, I do believe, is going to be an apron.  The colors are unbelievably vibrant!

When will I have these completed?  Your guess is as good as mine!  Ha, ha, ho, ho.....

No, really.  I have to complete one purse by the end of the week.  

I can do it!

.....I can, right?

1 comment:

randi said...

I always love having a stack of inspiration sitting there waiting to be made into something fun. Enjoy your sewing time! :)

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