Thursday, August 19, 2010

little jewelery pouch.

Meet my new jewelery pouches. 

They're round and cute.

You may recall this recent post, in which they were in cut circles and neatly stacked on my cutting table.  A neat cutting table is a new phen...pheono...phenomena 'round here. 

This is a special order for a bridal party...cute little wrapping, I'd say.

I was extremely happy with how these pouches turned out.

And the really neat thing is, the pouch is perfect for transporting jewelery on overnight stays or to take on vacation.  Once the pouch is cinched, nothing is going to escape.

Another view:

Inside are six little pocket that can hold earrings or rings, or chains. 

The bottom has a nice padded flat area to place a bracelet or perhaps a chunky necklace.

Beads were added to the ends of the ribbon, to prevent losing the ribbon completely within the casing.

The pouches are great fun to make.  I see a jewelery pouch in my mother's future...

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