Monday, January 4, 2010

project in my future.

Imagine this file folder sitting on your office desk. I do believe you'd be the envy of all who laid their eyes upon it! It's just too awesome for words!

When I came upon this delectable morsel, I thought it was a free tutorial entitled, "How to create this delectable, tantalizing morsel."

Wrong. It's for sale. Go ahead and guess how much it's being sold for...yes, you are correct! $79, smackaroos, bucks! Can you believe it? Check it out here.

Perhaps, just perhaps...I could reproduce it right here in my sewing room with all my glorious fabric scraps and offer it as a tutorial.

Wouldn't that be fabulous?


Adrienne said...

I'd love you forever and ever ... well, I actually already love you forever and ever. How about forever and ever amen.

randi said...

Wow! That is so pretty! If you made a tutorial I would be so happy.

Get on it, girl!

The Queen (aka Red Bear) said...

One would look so pretty, and useful, on my desk at my new job...hint hint!!! I need to declutter the previous manager's office and put my touch on it and this would add such a touch!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

you can totally do this!! I would never pay that price for it!

J said...

Wow! It's amazing to me that anyone would pay so much for an accordian file. It is really pretty though. You should make one and post pics here. :)

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