Friday, January 15, 2010

creative blogger, i have to say!

When I began my blogging adventure, I was alone and adrift in the blogging world. Instinctively, I did what bloggers do...find other blogs to help spark my own creativity. On one such journey, I stumbled across a blog with a similar title as mine: i have to say... Curious, I clicked the link. And here is what I found:
A delightful blog, beautifully written with photographs of family, fabric, food, homeschooling and lots of fun; the author is a power-house in the creative blogging world. More importantly, she is a woman with a sincere and gentle love of God. I was delighted with her sentiments, her humor and her outlook on life. I had to learn more...

Randi is an excellent photographer. This photo of her extremely creative daughter/assistant is one of my all-time favorites. What is so unique about the photograph is that mother & daughter sew together, work together, learn and play together...the sewing machine is the frame that captures their relationship and ties it all together. Randi's creatity is inspiring.

Randi also sells fabric from her shop, Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics. She carries gorgeous fabrics, keeping a keen eye for contemporary designers and the freshest fabric palettes. Her high quality fabric is priced lower than local quilt shops; more importantly, Randi takes the time to help you with your selections and offers honest suggestions to color and pattern pairings. I know, I've bugged her plenty of times and she's always been amazingly helpful. And prompt. Once an order is placed, Randi attaches wings to the fabric and it then flies to destination's doorstep!

I was thinking of keeping this part a secret (just kidding), but I simply can't...Randi has several wonderful tutorials posted on her blog. Like this charming drawstring bag. It's famous! I see it all over the web, with links galore! This is a great little tutorial, especially if you're new to sewing and need an easy project to get you going. It's also great for seasoned sewers, who crave a pretty & functional drawstring bag!

Randi writes of seasons, not only of nature, but also of life. She speaks of the importance in her role as a wife, mother, friend. Her writing is honest and instantly, a connection is made and she's the friend you've known and trusted forever.

Randi is hosting a quilt-along, which is a great opportunity for you if you've always wanted to learn how, but didn't want to have to take a class. It's really not too late to join in on the fun! Randi has excellent tips on pairing fabrics for your quilt, or any other project you may have in mind. Click here to learn what supplies you'll need and how to plan your quilt. Above all, you are going to have a great time creating a family heirloom!

i have to say...

"Thank you, Randi, for being a light in the world and inspiring so many. And thank you for being my friend."


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She IS adorable isn't she?!?!?!

I am beginning to worry about the quilt a long

randi said...

Gosh, you are nice. Thanks for the links and sweetness! :)

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