Tuesday, January 12, 2010

coming up for air.

I was awakened this morning at 5 am...by the dreaded alarm clock!

I had a mission...

To have the Forerunner serviced for its 60,000 mile checkup.

Appointment time: 7 AM.

It was nearly 10 AM when the paperwork was ready to be signed and the check written.

I dashed to the truck...I was relieved!

Until I had driven 2 miles, only to discover the little doo-hickey tire light on the dash was now lit up like a tree.

I was irritated.

I made a legal u-turn, returning to the hell I had just escaped...the dealership service waiting area. Oh, the inhumanity!

They said "we'll have you out soon, take a seat and we'll take care of it." Right!

Stewing, I sat down and discussed this tragic state of events with my husband, who informed me that when he called the service department to discuss this travesty, they put him on hold and wouldn't pick up his line.

So I left, but not before informing the service dude that I was leaving and going to take my vehicle to Big Chief Tires and have them check the pressure in my tires, never again to return to COGGIN TOYOTA AT THE AVENUES. This was not the first time COGGIN AT THE AVENUES messed up the service and made me hopping mad.

Down the road I drove, to the people of my native land. They know how to treat a girl.

Big Chief Tires checked the tires and filled them for free. Thanks, guys!

I then came home and "penned" a scathing email to corporate TOYOTA.

Wouldn't you think that after rotating and balancing the tires, they'd check the tire pressure?


Who runs these places? WHO?!!!!


J said...

Didn't they screw something up at your last service visit? It seems to me they did, but I'm tragically too lazy to read through the archives to confirm my suspicions. :)

I hate car dealership service centers! I never have any luck at them, so unless it something that is warranty work, we take our cars to our local mechanic AKA my Dad!! lol!

JR said...

Curse those dealership service centers! I haven't heard too many good stories coming from those places.

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