Thursday, January 7, 2010

charming bag!

Taking photos of the purses I make is a challenge for me. I'm not schooled in the art of photography, so what is easy for some is very difficult for me. There are so many things to, shadows, textures, blah, blah, blah...

It took me two days to capture a semi-decent photo of my recent purse. I whipped it up in record time, in fact, finishing it the day I posted the photo of the fabric (previous post). I just couldn't get a decent shot of it.

Then this morning, I remembered hiring this buxom beauty, my model, my muse. She handled her duties well, obediently standing wherever I dictated, in whichever direction I demand she stand. No complaints about the sun being in her eyes, or if a particular pose flattered her. Because she knows she looks good no matter the angle!

This really is quite a fetching little bag, made from Heather Bailey's newest pattern, "Smarty Girl." The bag's dimensions are 13" wide x 10" high x 2" deep, perfect for carrying sketch books, art supplies, grade books or even everyday items. The strap is lovely and long, great for traveling through airports or on other excursions where you don't want to have to keep readjusting slipping purse straps.

Look for more of these bags in the days to come...I'll be listing them on my site and on etsy. If you're interested in a bag, SHOUT out to me and I'll gladly get a bag to you!

Now I'm off to finish deconstructing my Christmas decorations...and construct another Smarty Girl!


Donna said...

Love the new bag! You will sell all that you make.

Also...The bags I bought for my daughters were a big hit. Joy changed into hers the first day.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is a sweet purse!!

I use to edit my pics. I think you would really like it. plus, it's free!

J said...

Very pretty! I think I might need one of there a link for your etsy shop on your blog??? I'm going to have to look when I finish this comment. :)

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