Friday, January 22, 2010

cruising, Florida-style!

*Disclaimer:if you're living in a cold climate and/or there's snow where you live, or you haven't seen the sun in days, please turn away're not going to appreciate this.

My brother is in town from Pennsylvania. He had business in Atlanta, so he decided to rent a car and drive down to Florida to see our parents. This afternoon he called and invited me to join him and the parents for lunch. He pulled up in a convertible. Show off!

He even has Mom doing her best Hollywood impersonation of Marilyn Monroe in her sexy sunglasses. Show off!

Who's this in the backseat? It's Dad, doing his gangster impersonation. He isn't quite pulling it off, he's not mean or sullen-looking enough. He looks way too off!

Cruising down Beach Blvd with his parents and sister...yup, my brother Mike is quite the middle-aged crazy! He's always been good to his family. Even though we were all wearing the same color dorky!

So I said, "Hey, Mom! Toss me your shades...I live in this town and someone might recognize me."

Pennsylvania-boy needed to gas-up before we headed out on our excellent adventure.

"Hey, attendant," I said. "Check the fluid levels while you're at it, would'ja?"

When you're riding in a convertible you can pretty much be as snotty/bossy as you want.

Oh, please. Don't look at this glorious blue square up there if you haven't had a nice day where you live...that's the sky. I took the photo as we were cruising down Beach Blvd. I didn't touch it up in Flickr or Photoshop...the sky was just that pretty.

I told you at the beginning of this post to turn away...

This is Dad's foot, he's resting it on the console. His other leg was resting on my lap. He's had a knee-replacement in both legs and can't comfortably bend either while being cramped in the backseat of a sardine can.

No cankles on Dad. Nice legs, Dad!

Our plan was to head on out to the Beach for lunch, but as we neared the coast, Dad was getting cold in the backseat of "our" car. So Michael made a sharp U-turn and into the parking lot of Bono's BBQ we went.

"Excuse me, may I have some clean rice? I just don't know where that rice has been."

Of course, we could always sterilize it with some alcohol prior to eating it.

The waitress told us that we looked cute in our matching shirts...I told her that if she expected a decent tip, she had better take that back, right now!

We're such dorks!

Thanks for the ride, the lunch, the laughs, Mikey.

So, what color shirts are we all going to wear tomorrow?


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a fun post! Love the pic of your brother getting gas!!

You suck....all we have seen is brown today. Wind gusts up to 50mph. yuck.

So bite me pretty weather girl.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

you can still bite me but i wanted to say i like the new header!

Adrienne said...

That is funny. Hubby and Henry were supposed to be in Fl this weekend ... H spiked a fever Fri AM - they were supposed to fly out at 4. Good thing we never told him about the trip - it was going to be a surprise.

I'm dreaming of a clear sky ... in the meantime my tooshie is by the fire ;-)

Donna said...

So I ignored your diclaimer and I am SOOO on my way to Florida! I wish I could have seen you guys all "crusin" thru town! I can't wait to come and visit you all!

The Queen (aka Red Bear) said...

What no mention of his wife and children up in here in PA preparing for ice on Sunday morning?!! The boys went skiing today (Saturday) it is rather nice now... sunny and about 40 degrees. Take care of my man!!

Thomas Fleming said...

What a wonderful time you guys have had--I'm very envious! But it was great chatting with everyone last night! Patti, you deserve the party of the century for all that you've done for Mom and Dad (and the rest of the family, too)! I hope we can all do more of this kind of thing, and see more of each other, from now on.


J said...

It is with regret that I must inform you that I indeed did not appreciate you throwing your glorious weather into my cold Northern face. My eyes stung with tears by the end of the post due to bittersweet memories of warmth and sunshine that have alluded my neck of the woods for sometime now. Do you know what the five day forecast looks like here?!?! S-N-O-W...snow, I tell ya, and I'm not the least bit excited about it. So, in the future, if you must post about your glorious weather, I'm afraid I will have to discontinue reading you blog (just for the day).

Still freezing my hiney off,

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