Wednesday, January 27, 2010

more nunsense.

It started with the great "Matching Shirts Caper" provided by my parents and visiting brother. Mike treated us to lunch.

Followed by these beautiful flowers from Suzy and a dinner to the Mossfire Grill in Riverside. The best Steak Salad in the universe and 2-for-1 wine, who could resist? Thank you, Suzy. It was a great evening.

More "nunsense" from Kathy. "Fun now, Penance Later." Gotcha!

Dinner at The Landing, then on to our night job dancing on the chorus line. You don't believe me? Hey, I took a shot! The show was excellent, Kathy had to restrain me from getting out of my seat and tap-dancing up to the stage. I so badly wanted to get to the stage and help the character sing T_ T _ & A _ _!

A beautiful and inspirational book. When I opened the gift after the show in the darkness, I didn't see this...

A lovely inscription which I discovered sitting in the chapel during our hour of adoration. It was an extra bonus, a special note from a friend during a special time of the week. Loved it!

And this funky little tripod, which is really a great little tool for picture-taking. Fabulous!

Thank you, Suzy and're the dearest friends and I love each of you more than you'll ever know!


*karendianne. said...

I love your Blog, Patty! You do a great job. It's beautiful as from what I see, so are YOU! My heart beats at the sight of this wonderful and inspiration book. I do believe you'll be putting much good use to this great little tripod which I hear is funkily handy!

So enjoyed meeting you and adoring your cute, cute, cute turtle.

Warmly and feeling the Grace of Kindness in your presence, *karendianne.

The Queen (aka Red Bear) said...

Surely we thought that our rendition of HB would make the blog. We are headed to the studio tomorrow to cut our albumn... oops that dates me... drop our cd!!! Hope that is was a good one!

Thomas Fleming said...

We're so glad you had a great birthday, Patti! It's terrific to have such great friends!

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