Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm all stitched up.

Meet my new friends, Twin Stitchers. They're twin sisters and best friends. I am completely obsessed with their designs, the simplicity and yet, utter genius and creativity of their work. Come, let's look at a few samples:
Yes, I can do that! Do what, you ask? I think I could stitch that and gobble 'til I wobble! I definitely can do the gobbling! This design, as well as several others, are offered as E-patterns, downloadable right into your trusty computer. Convenient and instant gratification, no waiting for the USPS!

Get a load of this charmer, Our Family Tree. That would make a great gift...countless gifts, in fact. You could stitch one for different branches of the family...get it? Different in, family tree. What did you just call me? Never mind.

My heart beats faster at the cuteness of this Sand Box Family. Once all the stitching is complete, you go back and color inside the stitching lines. Yes, I said "color" as in crayons. Yeah, I know, pretty darn stinkin' cute!

Head over to meet my new Twin Stitcher friends and take a look around. If you're into any kind of stitching craftery whatsoever, look out! Cute designs, prices that cost less than a hamburger with charm galore, you'll be back here swooning with me and congratulating me on my Nobel Peace Prize.

Now if I could only decide between the Gobble 'til You Wobble or the Happy Camper design...which do you think I should get?


Colt said...
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Coley Ru said...

Oh Patti! You are too kind! Thank you thank you thank you!!! My head is so big now I am afraid I won't be able to fit through the door. Tehe! We are so happy to have such an enthusiastic and fun new friend! Keep up the stitching! And THANKS again! Your friend, Coley of Twin Stitchers

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