Monday, October 26, 2009

gettin' tanked!

This is a fuel tank and MacGyver's foot. He wrestled the tank to the ground, fully loaded. The tank was loaded, not MacGyver.

Here "we" are, removing the doo-hickey and getting ready to replace it with the thing-a-majig. Look at those hands...God gave those hands a lot of strength and knowledge.

MacGyver doesn't go anywhere or attempt any job without his arsenal of tools and wires. It just wouldn't be right!

This is the back of the truck in question. It belongs to our son, who had to go to work, leaving his dad to drop the fuel tank, remove the parts in question, replace with new parts and hoist that #$%@! back up into place and strap it back in, all by himself. I stood in as MacGyver's beautiful, yet clueless assistant, chattering his ear off and handing him the whatchacallit. My hand even got a little grease on it...

I had to leave this behind at my sewing machine. It's yet another apron.

But I tell ya, I wouldn't have traded my time spent sprawled out on the driveway, half under the truck with MacGyver. It was a perfect day! And yes, the truck is up and running...don't ever doubt MacGyver!


Donna said...

Isn't it great being married to a handyman?? I don't know what I would do without my handyman!

randi said...

Is there no end to your hubby's amazingness? What a guy!

My hubs is terrible with cars, but is great at most other things--except the computer, of course. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

i so want a man like that!!!

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