Wednesday, October 21, 2009

4th quarter finish.

No, it's not too early for Christmas! I am doing you a favor, gently reminding you that the season of Jolly, Peace and Noel is right around the corner. And what better reminder than two happy photos?

That snowman is heading somewhere, he's sitting in his suitcase! Snowmen are minimalists, they don't need a lot when they travel. Just a scarf, hat, mittens, boots and candy canes. I think I'd trade the candy canes for Kahlua, but hey, let's embrace our differences!

And here is a gaggle, a peck, a pride, a school of candy canes. Mmmmm, they're perfect!

Yesterday, I made my pilgrimage to the Olde Green Cupboard...if you live in Jacksonville, you really must go visit. The Ladies of the Cupboard are busy decorating the store, getting ready for Christmas. Entering the store is like walking into a vintage photograph, with beautiful and whimsical Christmas decorations greeting you at every turn. They have the best ornaments, lovely scented stuff, antique furniture pieces, tons (literally) of gorgeous fabrics...cookies, coffee, music and lots of laughter. Especially lots of laughter.

*Sigh* I love Gloria and her girls. They're sooooooo much fun! The OGC is like a brothel of all things wholesome and good. I aint lying.

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