Thursday, October 15, 2009

vintage memories.

I found this adorable blog & web site this's really just too adorable! If one were say, over the age of 45, one might remember graphics like these in the primary readers children used in school. Not that you should assume I'm over 45...that'd be ridiculous of you!

Look at this tough cowboy...those were the days little boys could play with toy guns. And little girls could, too. I know of a little girl who packed heat in her holster, with two pearl-handled toy pistols. Not that you should assume that I'm old enough to have been allowed to play with such toys. An era when little girls were encouraged to hone their God-given instincts, such as being the nurturer of a family and do sweet domestic chores, like baking pies. Prior to the days of buying your pie crusts already made and ready at the grocery store. I wasn't around during the Jurassic era, pie crusts have always been bought!

Now, this little web site is full of vintage charm. It has vintage toys, vintage books, even vintage party favors like my favorite vintage game, pin the tail on the donkey.'s the same game I saw in my house as a child, but it must have belonged to one of my older brothers...I'm not old enough to have actually used it at one of my parties...but don't tell them I said that...

Go and visit this site and enter to win a $25 gift card. Take a joy ride back in time...and please, go visit the play kitchen section. I want that kitchen cupboard and Wolverine refrigerator.

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