Saturday, September 12, 2009

temptation in a can.

I went grocery shopping Thursday and found more than the usual temptations.

I found these.

Blue Diamond Almonds...Wasabi & Soy Sauce.

Please. Oh my. Deliver me. From. Evil.

If your grocery store ever has these as a "Buy One, Get One Free," buy two. Then you'll have four.

Or buy four, then you'll have eight.

You know how to multiply. Just do it!

Then join me at the confessional.

1 comment:

Thomas Fleming said...

I'm more of a peanuts or cashews person myself--just salted or lightly seasoned, no sauces. For special occasions like the World Series or Super Bowl, I also appreciate honey roasted peanuts washed down with regular Pepsi. I like my pecans roasted and encrusting something, or as a pie. Guess I'm pretty nutty after all!

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