Wednesday, September 16, 2009

diabolical plan.

On the first of September, dad had his knee replaced. He was in the hospital for 5 days. There were high points, there were low points. But hey, that's how the ball bounces, the cookie crumbles, the knee bends!

As in this photo on day 2 of his stay. One day after his surgery, he's working on walking and bending that knee. A lot has happened since the day I took this photo, a lot! But I won't bore you with the countless details. You can thank me. In the course of his recuperation at home, Mom tends to Dad's every need and boy, she's tired! *Psssst, lean closer to the monitor (whispering), they're no spring chickens, anymore. But don't tell them I said that!* Which leads me to this...

I am now the official "vacuumer." And boy, this is some vacuum! It's self-propelled, like a lawn mower! Thanks, Mom. Knee replacement wasn't really necessary for you to get me to come over and vacuum. But hey, kuddos, whatever works!

Now if we could only find a self-propelled dust cloth, I would be complete!

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randi said...

We have an Oreck too, but not self-propelled. At the store the lady said for an extra hundred we could add that, but I told her for a hundred I could push it myself. What can I say? I am cheap! :)

Glad your dad is recuperating OK!

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