Monday, September 28, 2009


Let me tell you, we had a blast at the Riverside Arts Market. This is a photo of our humble, yet charming booth. We had no idea of what to expect from the day and no amount of preparation is adequate until you're actually set up and ready to face the day. I guess you have to stick your proverbial toe in the water to determine what your actual needs are and how to better prepare for the next event. Here is my list for our next appearance at RAM:

We have determined that we definitely need to add tiers, so that items can be properly displayed. MacGyver, get thee to work on that!

Some freestanding display racks need to be purchased, along with stocking-type holders that purses can be hung from on the front of the table. It's very naked looking up there. MacGyver, get thee to the bank!

As a last-minute thought, I decided to include a few aprons I had made last year that have been in storage. You know, filler. Who would have dreamed that those would be my best sellers? Go figure! MacGyver, thank thee for the reminder about thy storage bins.

My newest friend, Ann, joined me and we had a great time! Her felted pouches were greatly admired and her chopstick purse was to die for! So cute and innovative. Ann loves dogs and dogs are encouraged to attend the Market. Every time a dog went by, Ann would go running to talk to and make a fuss over the pooch. Ann doesn't even own a dog, she has cats and yet, she hasn't met a dog she doesn't love. I, on the other hand, own a dog. But I love the babies! So when Ann wasn't off chasing dogs, I was off tickling baby toes. MacGyver, get thee to...never mind, thy dost really want a baby of mine own.

As it turns out, many of the vendors we spoke to said that it was the worst day they've had at the Market. Really? Hmmm...could it have been the 90-something degree weather? The humidity? The fact that there wasn't a stitch of a breeze? Or was it something more sinister, like college football on TV? Or the fact that the vendor next to us suffered a mild stroke as we were setting up? (Oh, my! That was just terrible! He was taken to the hospital and admitted, but he's OK). I was not the dark cloud on the day... I refuse to believe that I have any bad karma whatsoever. We had a delightful, successful experience and we can't wait until our next Saturday at the Market. Hopefully, the weather will be cooler and all of the college football games will be a drag.

At 4 PM sharp, booths were coming down and vendors were anxious to get to a restaurant for an ice-cold mug of Miller Lite, to quench their parched throats. No wait, maybe it was I who was thinking that about the beer. I don't know what the other vendors were thinking, but they really should go home and have something ice-cold to drink. It was hot!

MacGyver, get thee to the truck and load up the ice cold beverage awaits thee!

***We'll see you at the RAM on November 14th***

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J said...

I'm glad your day went well & the Gators will be winning in South Carolina on Nov. 14. I have to say for me, college football trumps all forms of shopping, but I'm funny like that. Although, I must say I have been known to shop on-line during half-time! :0)

Good luck with your next market, I'm sure that you will do very well. The weather should certainly be much nicer in November for outdoor markets.

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