Thursday, September 24, 2009

off to the Market I go!

I've been busy this week, making pouches, key fobs, wristlets, purses and aprons for the Riverside Arts Market. Whenever I do a show, it always seems as though there just isn't enough "stuff" to sell. And then I go into a frenzy trying to make more. But this weekend is different. This is the big league. The market is under the Fuller Warren Bridge, hosting all kinds of artists and food vendors, entertainment and a small farmer's market...and a very nice crowd. It's still hot here in Florida, but the weather will soon break and there's usually a nice cool breeze coming off the river, providing a lovely atmosphere in which to stroll and take a look at what the local artists are creating. It's a great opportunity to get my name and product out to local shoppers, which means I'll need to update my web site frequently and with new product. Yikes!

Wish me luck, keep your fingers crossed for me, pray to the patron saint of purses. I'm going to need all the help I can get!

*Check back Sunday for pictures of my booth and of the Market.


The Queen (aka Red Bear) said...

Remember what I told you .... you are the best part of your product (and that is saying a lot because your products are the best too)! Good luck! Talk to you on Sunday. It is hot here in PA too... Indian Summer.

J said...

Good luck! I admire you being able to do this type of work...I love to sew, and I would love to be able to work just 1-2 days in the office, but I am just not tha dedicated. Kudos to you!

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