Wednesday, September 2, 2009

smack down!

Welcome to my world, the world of UFC. In this house, we talk about fighting! Bloody noses! Spectacular take downs! If you're the mother of a teenage boy who is a black belt, you must know all about this phenomenon. The names Brock Lesner, Lyoto Machida, or Anderson Silva, to name a few, are tossed around like old familiar friends' names. Oh, and the fighting! Stances, how a fighter took out his opponent, how he was pinned and pummelled and the holds that were's all so exciting! If you're the father of a boy who's into this sport, you too, find yourself checking stats and watching the fights. And Papa, he's watching, too! And Mom? Oh, she can hear all about this awesomeness and be expected to memorize the names of champions and matches, but she's not invited to partake of going to the local sports bar and watching the title matches on satellite, eating chicken wings and drinking an ice cold beverage. That's OK though, I'll stay home and sew...I've got a fight going with some binding.

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