Friday, July 10, 2009

oldies, but goodies!

Red Skelton. I remember watching his variety show when I was a little girl, waiting for the segment where he'd dress as a clown, his trademark.

Phyllis Diller. Oh, she was funny! And so crazy looking. But I loved her laugh. Those were the days when a performer could smoke on TV. She had one of those long cigarrette holders, just like Cruella de Vil's, and Phyllis'd puff away on that thing. Cool!

And my all-time favorite, Jimmy Durante. I absolutely adored him. What I remember most about his show is, at the end he'd be playing the piano and he'd say, "a-cha-cha!" And kind of tip the brim of his hat. What was it that I loved most about him? He resembled my beloved, one-of-a-kind grandpa, Frank Moran. It was the nose. What a nose!


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