Sunday, July 26, 2009

doggie addiction.

My friend Kathy is crazy over dachshunds. She has two adorable little dachshunds, or "doxies" as she calls them. I like that term, it fits her little doggies. They really are so cute...Shelby and Abby. So when I found this Japanese fabric on the Internet, I just had to have it for my girlfriend! All that was available was a fat quarter from Canada. It wasn't much material, but beggars can't be choosers. I anxiously waited for its arrival, and was soooo excited once it arrived. The fabric is delicious!

You may recall that I posted about what I was going to make here. I made two embellished dish towels, a key fob for Kathy and two minis for each of her daughters, along with these adorable little magnets with a box to present them in. The magnets are my favorite, they're so blinkin' cute! Magnet mania is on its way!

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