Friday, July 31, 2009

late breaking News!

In a bold move, the President continues his "teachable" moment. Summoned to the White House, Terri finds herself at what's been coined as the "Beer Summit." The President decided to invite Terri, as he discovered she's prone to calling certain friends of hers "dumb blonde." In a savvy move, the invitation extended "Senora Malo" to participate in the race discussions enabled the President to cover all ethnic and social bases. In one fell swoop, the Senora represents not only senior citizens, but also undocumented aliens, the downtrodden, the hopeless, the tired and just plain down-on-their-luck people throughout the Fruited Plain. Originally scheduled for the Oval Office, the President decided to move the meeting outside to the picnic table, as the President didn't want "that tart in my office!"

And really, who can blame him? Just look at Senora Malo and behind her, the macho-muchacho, "I slipped a roofie in her drink and I think it's starting to take effect." I just hope Terri's learned her lesson about being nice and not "malo." Her last remaining friends? Pam, Carol and Patti...and all blonde.

***Terri is the best friend a friend could want. We just like to mess with each other. If I didn't love Terri, her name would be stricken from my list. Come home, Terri!


Tim Yocum said...

Too funny!

Donna said...

He should have invited your dog! I hear she likes a good brew now and then!

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