Monday, July 27, 2009

mammoth vacation.

This is the first stop on our vacation, Jonathan's Creek in North Carolina. It's right next door to Maggie Valley, a popular skiing destination. We're going to head up that mountain, to the very top. Granny's house is the second from the peak and believe-you-me, it's a harrowing drive up there. Especially in the dark.

Jonathan's Creek. It's a sweet creek, a Tom Sawyer kind of creek. It makes you want to take off your shoes and wade through it.

A barn. I love old barns. See the hay stored in it? There are cows in these here hills!

GPS. All the twisty turns. We didn't really need it to get to the top of the mountain, as my hubby can drive it with his eyes closed. Not that I'd advise that or even allow it! I just liked looking at the green line. I'm simple that way.

Heading up the mountain. It's a one-car road. Keep your eyes peeled for any on-coming traffic and for the sharp drop-off to the left. I sure wouldn't want to lose concentration and roll down the hill...that's why I'm not driving!
Tomorrow: up the mountain we go!


Rengin Yazitas said...

I love mountains!!!
Looking forward to read your adventures:))
Rengin, in Istanbul

J said...

That's beautiful, Patti!

JR said...

That looks like such a beautiful area! I'm coveting!

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