Tuesday, December 16, 2008

happy, happy, happy day.

And then along came Brown, sweet rollin' Brown. Hello, Brown! I've been waiting for you!

What's this? For me? Oh, I wasn't expecting this...or was I? Let's see, the logo on the box says it's from Wiley Publishing. Books? I didn't order any books...or maybe I entered a SWEEPSTAKES AND WON!!!!
YES! I visited Anna one day and found that in celebration of the release of her beautiful new book and fabric line, her publisher was sponsoring a sweepstakes. The grand-prize package included a lovely new sewing machine, new thread, 10 yards of lovely Anna Maria fabric and an autographed copy of her beautiful book, Seams To Me. Out of 53,000 entries, I won a runner-up package. No sewing machine, but that's OK because I have a beautiful sewing machine. OK, I have four lovely sewing machines. Look inside the box, there's the thread, book, & fabric. Mmmmm, love it! Come to Mama, my pretties!

OK, Anna. I'll be happy sewing. And "Best Wishes" back atcha, girlfriend. Thank You &
Merry Christmas!


randi said...

Awesome! I saw the book in the store a few weeks ago and loved it! Looking forward to seeing what you end up making!

Lynn said...

Very cool to win that prize! Congratulations :)

Jenny said...

My kids call "Brown" the prize bus! They love to see the prize bus pull in the driveway!

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