Thursday, December 4, 2008

the cool winner is...

...lucky #13 (good thing today's Thursday), who said:

Deb said...
For Christmas? I'd (seriously) like a cleaning service. Twice a month would keep the piles o' crap at bay. And, after the chocolate and really REALLY good organic free trade coffee, I'd love a "subscription" to a nails or pedicure place.You can see I'm looking for creature comforts. I've decided I'm worth it!DebP.S. Mindy ROCKS!

Hooray, Deb! I love the idea of a cleaning service, you're brilliant! But tell us more about the coffee and chocolate, sounds like someone has a bit of a "habit." It appears that Mindy has quite the fan club. Being a princess, she pretty much can tell everyone what to do and boy, they do it! Thank you, Mindy fan club members, for entering my contest. And a big "thank you" to those who are not yet members of Mindy's fan club and who entered, but who ought seriously consider becoming one of the Mindy followers. She does totally rock.

Deb, please email me your address. I don't believe that you included your email address for me to contact you. You have two seconds to claim your wristlet. Ha, I make myself laugh.

I just came in from errand-running and remembered that I needed to pick up the makings for the next giveaway, but naturally, forgot. I'll have to get the fixins tomorrow. At any rate, check back Saturday for the next item up for grabs. Unless I can have it made by tomorrow afternoon, at which time I'll post it. I think you'll like this giveaway.

Stop by i have to say... for a holiday recipe, if you haven't already. Go on, she's real sweet over there. She's not a princess...she's an angel.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Yea Deb!!! You are going to love your wristlet!!! I am so ready to get my Christmas one to start using!!!

Girl...this place rocks! Just think of all of the trouble we could stir up together!!

Deb said...

WOW!!! :) How did THAT happen!???

I need coffee to do dumb things faster and chocolate because. Just because. ;)

my email is

deb AT journeyscrossing DOT org

Gator World!! said...

Yeah for Deb! Good job Deb, way to enter something. Wait...that didn't make any sense. Anyways, I am totally going to enter again. And Wonderful, you should go check out my blog. Mom Gator told me about you so I put something up on mine.

randi said...

This is your angelic friend commenting! ;)

I love Deb's idea of a cleaning service. Why didn't I think of that? Someone to do my laundry would be heavenly!

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