Sunday, June 24, 2012

There Was A Little House

Tunkhannock. Tunkhannock. Tunkhannock.

Say it over and over and over...

I can't pronounce it, either!

What is a "Tunkhannock?" It's a petite little town in Pennsylvainia, so very charming and we are in love with it!

Here's a sweet little house in the heart of town...

We'll take this one, please!

Turrets in Tunkhannock...I want one.

I'd even take two turrets in Tunkhannock!

A garden under the turrets in Tunkhannock is a lovely sight!

We will settle for one turret, if we must!

A beautiful old sidewalk through the garden in Tunkhannock would be lovely.

And a pretty little yard under the sidewalk, along the garden in Tunkhannock could be a charming place.

We certainly could live in this charming little home in the heart of Tunkhannock.

I love Tunkhannock!

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