Tuesday, June 1, 2010

big mouth!

While my big (oldest) brother Tom was here visiting, he requested a visit to MOSH, the local museum. To be honest, I'd been there at least a dozen times over the past twelve years and never found it to be all that interesting. And I like history. The science, not so much.

But strangely, this visit was different. Mom & Dad, Tom and I went to explore the Museum of Science and History together.

Our first exhibit was The Body Within. Sounds a little "sciencey" to me...

SCORE! No, this is amazing! Look, there's Grandma and Pa entering the exhibit, right through the mouth of a teenager. I know it's a teenager because like baby birds, their mouths are always open, waiting for their next feeding. Go, Mom and Dad! Get swallowed up in knowledge and explore the wonders within!

Interesting...a film about knee-replacement surgery and all the medical techniques. Intriguing, at least for three of us. Dad's already had three replacements, Mom is on deck for a new knee this Fall. Mom didn't want to stand and watch the blood and gore, hammering and sawing...can't say that I blame her. Ugh!

Here we have the lungs of a 79-year old male. I've decided to serve pickled lungs at Thanksgiving dinner this year. Care to join us?

You run into the nicest people at the museum! This guy was fairly nice, though I found him to be a little "thin-skinned." Some people just don't take constructive criticism very well.

And that, my friends, was the first stop on our museum tour. On which I made an interesting discovery of my own: the reason it was so enjoyable? NO KIDS! Ha, I was actually able to read the exhibits...mind boggling!

Thank you for tagging along.

Coming up: our voyage on the Currents of Time.

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Thomas Fleming said...

Patti, your MOSH pictures turned out so much better than mine! Either your an excellent photographer--which is what I think--or that's a nifty camera you've got there. The picture of Mom and Dad in the "mouth" is awesome! If we lived near each other and could get together for picture-taking excursions, I think we'd produce a marvelous collection! (we'll leave photos of surgery-in-progress out of it--yecchh!)

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